rocker - Meaning in tamil

Meaning of rocker in tamil

  • தாலாட்டு
  • தாலாட்டு
  • அசைந்தாடும் நாற்காலி

rocker Definition

  • a person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, especially of a particular type. (ராக் இசையை நிகழ்த்தும், நடனமாடும் அல்லது ரசிக்கும் ஒரு நபர், குறிப்பாக ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட வகை.)
  • a thing that rocks, in particular. (குறிப்பாக பாறைகள்.)
  • a curved bar or similar support on which something such as a chair or cradle can rock. (ஒரு வளைந்த பட்டை அல்லது ஒரு நாற்காலி அல்லது தொட்டில் போன்றவற்றை உலுக்கக்கூடிய ஒத்த ஆதரவு.)

rocker Example

the collection kick-starts with a great rocker, Wired All Night. (சேகரிப்பு ஒரு பெரிய ராக்கருடன் தொடங்குகிறது, வயர்டு ஆல் நைட்)

The mailbox is dilapidated, the porch has a dog on it, the porch chair is a rocker and the man rocking in the chair is smoking a pipe. (அஞ்சல் பெட்டி பாழடைந்து, தாழ்வாரத்தில் ஒரு நாய் உள்ளது, தாழ்வாரம் நாற்காலி ஒரு ராக்கர் மற்றும் நாற்காலியில் ஆடும் மனிதன் ஒரு குழாய் புகைக்கிறான்.)

More Sentences

  • Dark, in need of a haircut and pathologically thin, he looked like a down-at-the-heels rocker .
  • He kicked the jack-of-all-trades route to the curb, got himself a band, and made a quick metamorphosis into a brash rocker .
  • Other items remained recognizable as parts of domestic or industrial objects, including the curving back of a wicker love seat, bundles of chair and table legs, and the back of a bentwood rocker .
  • I remembered how she could sit in that rocker for hours and hours and hours and make designs.
  • About the closest I could relate to it was my teenage days as a Goth rocker , when my girlfriend used to put some white face on me to take away my tan, and we wore all black.
  • Greenfield says his collaboration with the legendary punk rocker isn't as unlikely as it seems.
  • Both men can't believe they still get to do something that they truly love, and each on has a unique take one being an aging rocker .
  • The actor plays the fictional rocker Blake as he lives out his last days in a remote house in Seattle.
  • Onstage he is not the most charismatic, call and response rocker on the planet.
  • As it stands, Earle is today probably best known more as a radical than as a rocker .
  • The overall pace is so even you scarcely notice when the odd rocker slips by, creating a slightly flatter feel than the songs deserve.
  • the hull lines are classic with considerable rocker
  • a punk rocker
  • As far as I know, ‘Auntie ‘did nothing all day but sit in a rocker and crochet multi-colored shawls and comforters and stuff like that.’
  • When one of France's coolest film-makers tried to find the ideal place for a junkie rocker and his messed-up wife to hit bottom, only one location would do: Hamilton.
  • The long-time friend of the rocker and his family made a series of drawings of Ramone which was projected as a backdrop for the musicians appearing in concert.
  • Still he plays his instrument of choice with all the skill and power of any standard rocker .
  • he sat in his rocker and went to sleep
  • Pull your rocker onto the back porch, or spread your blanket on the roof, turn on the fan and enjoy the quiet.
  • Next to the photo was a smaller model of the Halston rocker , a kind of splayed chair with a narrow back that looked terribly uncomfortable.
  • As an old rocker myself, of course I am familiar with the band Blondie.
  • These four mysterious rockers have produced some of the most beloved music of our time.
  • He is one of the most underrated rockers of the 20th century, an enormously talented musician whose misfortunes have completely eclipsed his importance in modern music.
  • The photogenic New Wave mannequins and hair metal rockers that the channel enjoyed such success with in the '80s were being replaced by grunge and alternative artists.
  • The music industry may be in a frenzy over them, but stadium rockers they are not.
  • The soundtrack disc includes vintage rockers by Sweet and Girlschool and new songs by Creeper, a band fronted by the one and only Dean.
  • The Irish rockers captured the crowd's attention from the moment they took the stage, through sheer force of sincerity.
  • Two weeks ago it was announced the bassist had split from the glam rockers over " musical differences".