locker - Meaning in tamil

Meaning of locker in tamil

  • நிலைப்பெட்டி
  • பாதுகாப்பு பெட்டகம்

locker Definition

  • a storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock (உடைகள் மற்றும் மதிப்புமிக்க பொருட்களுக்கான சேமிப்பு பெட்டி; பொதுவாக அதற்கு ஒரு பூட்டு உள்ளது)
  • a trunk for storing personal possessions; usually kept at the foot of a bed (as in a barracks) (தனிப்பட்ட உடைமைகளை சேமிப்பதற்கான ஒரு தண்டு; வழக்கமாக ஒரு படுக்கையின் அடிவாரத்தில் வைக்கப்படும் (ஒரு பாறைகளில் போல))
  • a fastener that locks or closes (பூட்டும் அல்லது மூடும் ஒரு ஃபாஸ்டர்னர்)

locker Example

  • The helm is forward to starboard and has a single pedestal helm seat mounted atop a tackle locker . (ஹெல்ம் ஸ்டார்போர்டுக்கு முன்னோக்கி உள்ளது மற்றும் ஒரு டாக்கிள் லாக்கரின் மேல் ஒற்றை பீடம் ஹெல்ம் இருக்கை பொருத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது.)
  • The anchor windlass is located in a foredeck locker to keep it out of the way when not needed. (தேவைப்படாதபோது அதைத் தவிர்ப்பதற்காக நங்கூரம் விண்ட்லஸ் ஒரு ஃபோர்டெக் லாக்கரில் அமைந்துள்ளது.)

More Sentences

  • I couldn't think of a lie quick enough to dissuade Beth so we trudged to the locker together.
  • I put my bags in a locker in Grand Central Station and walked about with a carrier bag full of beer.
  • Clean up your room, your desk, your locker and everything else in your life.
  • They banded together and started leaving her little gifts in her locker and on her desk.
  • The bear was stowing the cables in a locker near the starboard side of the cargo arena.
  • For one thing he had lost his caboose, and although he eventually secured a locker for his gear he had to move back on to the messdeck.
  • So you left the weapons locker and are approaching a hanger of some sort.
  • One of the doors was a weapons locker where he picked up some grenades.
  • Get a small locker or a lockable dresser for your personal things that you don't want to share.
  • There is an anchor locker forward and rigging shrouds are well inboard for easy passage fore and aft.
  • In normal times, motoring and the solar panels kept us flush enough so the generator did little but rust in the sail locker .
  • Around each bed was a light, curtain screens, a locker and a cupboard.
  • Afterwards, Amanda and I walked back to our lockers together.
  • Every ship had a few chart lockers , cabinets which contained the detailed maps by mariners since the first ships sailed out of sight of land.
  • We went to our lockers , conveniently close together, to get what we needed and whatnot.
  • There are his and her hanging lockers , drawers beneath the bed and a large adjoining head complete with tub and shower.
  • In the boys locker room, the lockers are dented in and broken, and the walls have giant holes in them.
  • About halfway back are two cabins, one with bunks, the other a double, as well as two heads and separate sinks and stowage lockers .
  • I'll try and meet up with him to walk to our lockers and then lunch together.
  • There is a V-berth cabin forward followed by a head to port and hanging lockers to starboard.
  • The new rifles and sidearms we carted forward and scattered in weapons lockers that I keep in various places on the ship.
  • Since then he has accumulated more than 600 pairs of sneakers he keeps in storage lockers , closets and at the houses of his parents and friends.
  • The rowing boat is honeycombed with storage lockers under its strengthened decks.
  • They walked down the halls together to their adjacent lockers .
  • An officer inspected the beds and lockers before breakfast.
  • I have met very few people, though, who went to public high school with normal cars and lockers , and described their normal experience as ideal.
  • The catalog featured furry beanbag chairs, animal-print sheets, and desks that look like lockers .
  • Public seminar rooms, lockers , and coatrooms are in the basement, with the library functions on the upper floors.