vocal - Meaning in Marathi

Meaning of vocal in Marathi

  • टोन
  • तोंडी
  • ध्वन्यात्मक
  • भाषण
  • तोंडी
  • तोंड

vocal Definition


  • of or relating to the human voice.
  • expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly.


  • a part of a piece of music that is sung.

vocal Example

  • He never studied abroad and never composed any vocal music.
  • In the US, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and black newspaper editors waged vocal campaigns against this.
  • Dunbar contends that humans evolved vocal grooming as a more efficient form of bonding.
  • Much of traditional Korean vocal and instrumental music employs a metrical rhythmic system based on a series of accompanying patterns known as jangdan.
  • These two Sligo ladies are both classically trained pianists, but their superb voices, and outstanding vocal arrangements are even more impressive.
  • The body language, the particular vocal tone of his voice, the mischievous glint in his eye, all the ways in which he related to myself and others, were absent.
  • I Got Rhythm is a lively and entertaining production with an array of costume changes, live vocal performances and technically demanding dance.
  • Once a vocal track sounds great, it's time to get it in to the computer.
  • With quite the most eccentric vocal performance of this, or indeed of any other Eurovision, this could either sweep the board or flop completely.
  • It's her best vocal performance on the CD and the backing song does just that… backs her up.
  • The audience probably weren't listening anyway, so effectively did the staging distract from Jonathan Summers' thoughtful, amplified vocal .
  • There may also be evolutionary specializations of the motor system, for example to allow stronger voluntary control of the vocal apparatus.
  • Our vocal apparatus can produce a large diversity of sounds.
  • It's good to see the St. Vincent de Paul Society becoming more vocal and putting its opinions and vast experience on record in the media.
  • Malik and Donnelly fail on both of these accounts, hamming up the production and the vocal , including a faux soulful emphasis.
  • In the 1950s, scientists succeeded in making a model of the acoustics of human vocal tracts and resonant frequencies.
  • Sam Rainsy was the most visible and vocal Human Rights advocate in Cambodia.
  • The combination of irresistibly muscular riffage and spectacular vocal melodies sounds even better live than on record, especially given a sensationally tight and clear sound mix.
  • The guitar tone is spot on for Pat's sound and the vocal track moves with the guitar in synchronized harmony.
  • Throughout the track the production is much more reserved than the rest of the album: the use of strings is subtle and vocal effects are minimal.
  • The choir, which has 40 members, specialises in contemporary works and also in older vocal music.
  • My number one right now is Rachelle Farell - she has an amazing voice and her vocal range is like a million miles long.
  • Noise from bullhorns, speeches and very vocal protesters reached right into our classroom.
  • The songs are often second-rate and the performances are dire, like his shockingly inept vocal on the title track.
  • He had been diagnosed as cortically blind and virtually the only vocal sound he was capable of making was a ‘clicking’ in his throat.
  • At the conclusion of his set, he gave a sincere thank-you to the audience and was met with a rather vocal call for an encore.
  • Trained opera singers learn to use their voices by experimenting with the physical sensations specific vocal sounds make.
  • We should all take heart from the decision; it shows that a compelling case allied to a vocal campaign will eventually persuade road ministers to loosen the purse strings.
  • Mechanical sounds constitute the most prominent elements of the species' displays, replacing vocal sounds for territorial advertisement.
  • An intriguing mix of vocal sounds fills the air.