condolence - Meaning in Marathi

Meaning of condolence in Marathi

  • शोक
  • समाधानी
  • सहानुभूती
  • ममतापुर्सी

condolence Definition

an expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of a death. ( सहानुभूती व्यक्त करणे, विशेषत: मृत्यूच्या प्रसंगी. )

condolence Example

  • The Notes sends sincere condolence to the family, relatives and friends of the late Mary Bulmer. ( या नोट्समुळे दिवंगत मेरी बुलरच्या कुटुंबीय, नातेवाईक आणि मित्रमंडळींना गंभीरपणे दुःख व्यक्त केले जात आहे. )
  • letters of condolence ( शोक पत्र)
  • The Garrafrauns group offers their condolences to his relations and wide circle of friends. ( गॅराफ्रान्स समूहाने त्याच्या संबंध आणि मित्रांच्या विस्तीर्ण वर्तुळात तीव्र संवेदना व्यक्त केल्या आहेत. )

More Sentence

  • Sincere condolences are extended on the death of a dear daughter and sister.
  • Our most sincere condolences to The Queen and all members of the Royal Family.
  • All of us here express our sincere condolences to Roger's wife, family and friends.
  • May I offer our sincerest condolences to his family and friends, Stuart will be much missed.
  • My condolences and deepest sympathy go to the parents and family of the little girl for the loss of a gift from God.
  • Midgley sent his condolences and sympathy to the family of the dead infant.
  • This was a tragic event and we offer them our sincere condolences .
  • We wish to express our sincere condolences to all in our community who were bereaved during the year.
  • To her husband Paul, daughter Kaylyn and son Ronan, we offer our sincere condolences .
  • Blair arrives at the freezing hanger, close to tears as he delivers his condolences .