soulmate - Meaning in Marathi

Meaning of soulmate in Marathi

  • सोलमेट
  • पती
  • पत्नी
  • अत्यंत प्रिय व्यक्ती (प्रियकर)

soulmate Definition

  • a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. ( एक जवळचा मित्र किंवा रोमँटिक जोडीदार म्हणून एखाद्या व्यक्तीस आदर्शपणे अनुकूल आहे. )

soulmate Example

  • She has always been there for him in many roles - friend, confidante, soulmate and lover.
  • And as it turned out, what I truly wanted was to be back with my baby, my best friend, my soulmate .
  • I recently got a call from a friend saying my soulmate was looking for me.
  • She was my best friend and my soulmate , but I couldn't understand her and I couldn't understand my feelings for her.
  • The chance you'll meet your soulmate in high school is next to none.
  • These types of soulmate are your closest friends or a person whom you really click with.
  • More soulmate than partner, he has been as central to her existence as any human being could be.
  • For example, if we wish for a soulmate and focus only on ourselves and our partner there will be a great risk of picking the wrong person.
  • He's my soulmate , my best friend and nothing surprises me about him.
  • He was my buddy, my love, my soulmate , we were a great team.
  • The partner who is your soulmate is no longer enough, and nor is one lifelong best friend.
  • More than that, theirs is a great love story, an exquisitely painful romance of two self-proclaimed soulmates who can't live together yet can't live apart.
  • Friends say the relationship has endured because the two are true soulmates , sharing a passion for country pursuits.
  • God may have made a soulmate or a few soulmates for you.
  • Deb & Dave convinced my jaded self that soulmates are real.
  • Ask Americans today to define marriage, and they are likely to describe it as a private intimate relationship between two soulmates .
  • What it says about these women is that they have bought into a myth of soulmates and some romantic fairyland.
  • I'm particularly irked by this one woman in my vicinity who fills her cubicle with nonsensical items like plaques that contain lame poetry about soulmates and puppies and such.
  • As I pondered Jim's question, I realised that my (male and female) friends are closer to soulmates than the men I've been romantically involved with.
  • Our partners are our companions, our soulmates , our loves.