descendant - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of descendant in Hindi

  • वंशज
  • वंश
  • संतान
  • संतति
  • वंशधर
  • अवरोही

descendant Definition


  • a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor.

descendant Example

  • Shakespeare's last direct descendant ( शेक्सपियर के अंतिम प्रत्यक्ष वंशज )
  • It's a descendant of the Mexican earless goat. ( यह मैक्सिकन इयरलेस बकरी का वंशज है। )
  • His mother was a descendant of the celebrated John Cotton. ( उनकी मां प्रसिद्ध जॉन कॉटन की वंशज थीं। )
  • He was a descendant of Thomas Webster, of Scottish ancestry, who settled in New Hampshire about 1636. ( वह स्कॉटिश वंश के थॉमस वेबस्टर के वंशज थे, जो 1636 के आसपास न्यू हैम्पशायर में बस गए थे। )

More Sentence

  • Judas had won for them religious freedom: but the Temple required a descendant of Aaron for priest and he was come.
  • Amalek, from which the Amalekites came, was a descendant of Esau.
  • This young girl no matter whose descendant is she, is after all a.
  • Alas Heaven, why did you ask me to be borne as a descendant of.
  • He invited me in asking if I was a descendant of the Immortal Raven.
  • Grandpa said Bernard once told him he was a direct descendant of the.
  • You're his direct descendant with both of your parents from his line.
  • Your fathers are brothers, so she's also a descendant of the Fyrsturae.
  • Master Gu’s descendant and also the brother of this Sister Gu, Gu Hong.
  • His descendant, Sir Robert Spencer, the 1st baron, was in 1603, "reputed to have by him the most money of any person in the kingdom."
  • He was a descendant of Matthew Grant, a Scotchman, who settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1630.
  • Sun Bin's �Military Methods� was written by a descendant of Sun and was lost since then.
  • A descendant of a once great Byzantine royal family he was now in dire straights with the Merus.
  • He can’t renounce it any more than you can renounce being a descendant of Greg and Avi Solomon.
  • With confidence and pride, the man answered, ‘Oh Sir! I am the descendant of important ancestors.
  • African male descendant of the Tribe of Juda, and serving in the very same role as Messiah of Truth.
  • Instead it was Lesahr, the brooding descendant of Elven kings who was left with her on these nights.
  • ABULFARAJ [Abu-1-Faraj 'Ali ibn ul-Husain ul-Isbahani] (897-967), Arabian scholar, was a member of the tribe of the Quraish (Koreish) and a direct descendant of Marwan, the last of the Omayyad caliphs.
  • The Colonel looked at him as though he were a descendant of the father of lies.
  • Think you that a descendant of the mighty Puru could fix his affections on an unlawful object?
  • Gilbert, the descendant of the founder of Methodism in this country, which contains 400 sittings.
  • He was the descendant of a people in bondage, and He had not a place where to lay His head.
  • Nature sometimes is pleased to bestow upon the lowly-born, in preference to the descendant of high lineage.
  • Whether the fret was the ancestor or the descendant of the Swastika is of no moment to our present question.
  • Descendant charts are another type of family tree.
  • Tradition Introduc= made him a descendant of the ancient nobles of lion t0 Saul.
  • One Elfred, probably a descendant of Ethelred I., formed a plot to seize the king at Winchester; the plot was discovered and Elfred was sent to Rome to defend himself, but died shortly after.
  • house music is a descendant of disco