face facts - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of face facts in Hindi

  • तथ्यों का सामना करें


  • कार्य को घबड़ा देना

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face facts Example

  • We might as well face facts _ prunes are not glamorous. ( हम तथ्यों का भी सामना कर सकते हैं _ prunes ग्लैमरस नहीं हैं। )
  • The message said, " Bill, face facts ." ( संदेश में कहा गया है, "बिल, फेस फैक्ट्स।" )
  • Davis'voice trailed off, but he's facing facts. ( डेविस की आवाज बंद हो गई, लेकिन वह तथ्यों का सामना कर रहा है। )  
  • I am actually facing facts that only I am completely aware of, ( मैं वास्तव में उन तथ्यों का सामना कर रहा हूं जिनसे केवल मैं ही पूरी तरह वाकिफ हूं, )   

More Sentence

  • Now a jury may force the city to face facts.
  • "Let's face facts, " he said.
  • Facing Facts : Realism in American Thought and Culture.
  • First of all, let's face facts.
  • Before you begin, you're going to have to face the fact that your laptop might be dead.
  • But it had to face facts on Election Day.
  • "Let's face facts,"
  • It is obvious from the mechanics of ENSO events that there is greater evaporation during a La Nina yet your «ego» can't face the fact you are wrong.
  • It's difficult to see face facts in a sentence .
  • Denton thinks it's time to face facts.
  • Sometimes it's clearly time to face facts.
  • Holbrooke said . " We must face facts.
  • "Let's face facts, it's stupidity,"