cesspit - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of cesspit in Hindi

  • कूड़े का गढ़ा
  • हौज़
  • नाबदान
  • मलिन जलगर्त

cesspit Definition

  • a pit for the disposal of liquid waste and sewage. ( तरल अपशिष्ट और मल के निपटान के लिए एक गड्ढा। )

cesspit Example

  • It is amazing how much of a cesspit of advertising the Government has created, when it could be helping out so many young people, so many families, and so many health initiatives around this country. ( यह आश्चर्यजनक है कि सरकार ने इस विज्ञापन को कितने अंशों में तैयार किया है, जब इस देश के आसपास इतने सारे युवा, इतने परिवार और इतने सारे स्वास्थ्य पहल करने में मदद कर सकते हैं। )
  • Their son Adie, a promising scholar, crosses the boundary into the cesspit of violence which marks the lives of his lover Sita and her psychotic brother Jean. ( उनका पुत्र आदि, एक होनहार विद्वान, हिंसा की सीमा में सीमा पार करता है जो उसके प्रेमी सीता और उसके मानसिक भाई जीन के जीवन को चिह्नित करता है। )
  • Sometimes the world looks like a total cesspit , you would hope that God would want to change that. ( कभी-कभी दुनिया कुल प्रलय की तरह दिखती है, आप उम्मीद करेंगे कि भगवान उसे बदलना चाहते हैं। )
  • The reason I'm banging on about Kant, is that this test exposes the moral cesspit of international relations. ( कांत के बारे में मैं जो तर्क दे रहा हूं, वह यह है कि यह परीक्षण अंतरराष्ट्रीय संबंधों के नैतिक प्रभाव को उजागर करता है। )

More Sentence

  • Even before his bid was successful there were plans at Manchester United to build a regional casino and so make money out of the cesspit of misery that the evil gambling trade promotes.
  • Don't make me laugh, it hurts (especially after the lid got lifted the latest cesspit in mutual funds).
  • Over the ensuing months, the Petrov royal commission became a political cesspit .
  • There's nothing wrong with sloshing about in a cesspit of anecdotes from the flash trash world of English football, as Hall does in his Sunday tabloid column.
  • the affair threatened to be a cesspit of scandal
  • The man said he first started getting pain after a construction accident where he held a 500 lb concrete block from falling into a cesspit .
  • Whether you think Montreal is a stinking cesspit wallowing knee-deep in its own filth or believe that our island's a green gem, next Monday, April 19, is your opportunity to voice your views to the person who has to listen.
  • Our son found his way into a disused cesspit and then, going barefoot, picked up an infection, which required regular injections in his backside.
  • Neighbours fear their houses may fall into a cesspit after a 25 ft-deep hole opened up in their gardens.
  • I will have to maintain an aura of dignity even if I am thrown into a cesspit .
  • No wonder some people now think that Fairfax Press, to which this paper belongs, is an intellectual cesspit .
  • In the cesspit of Scottish Labour politics, policy doesn't get a look in.
  • He'd been part of political groups since he was 17, as London was ‘a big cesspit of corruption’ to him.
  • When the great social reformer Lord Shaftesbury visited one house, he went into the cellar - where a family was living - and found that the sewage from a nearby cesspit had leaked right under their floor boards.
  • They quickly discovered that the barracks hospital had been constructed over a contaminated cesspit and that the patients were literally wallowing in their own sewage.
  • The cesspit sitting under the town is full to overflowing.
  • We showed them our caravans, our day rooms, our cesspit and our toilets and they told my father that all he had to do was plant a row of three trees to shield us from the road.
  • Was it directed at Bali as a heathen cesspit full of pleasure-seeking infidels?
  • ‘If it dies,’ I enquired, ‘can I chuck it into our cesspit ?’
  • Hollywood - the cesspit that is poisoning the world via cultural globalisation - has incongruously produced what may well be the most devotional work of art in this decade.
  • Some of them even brought mud from the garden and worse yet, buckets full of sludge from the cesspit .
  • Athole Still once described the football world as a cesspit and, as a former journalist, he should have known what he was talking about.
  • Don't listen to him - he reckons that every city is a hellish cesspit of hatred and evil.
  • The two men in dark glasses descended from the truck and asked him if his toilet cesspit was full.
  • Now there are fears it could happen again in the neighbourhood, where there are known to be other redundant cesspits .
  • Snow was now certain that the well had been contaminated with infected sewage - either from the sewer or the many nearby cesspits .