drawn-out - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of drawn-out in Hindi

  • बाहर खींचो


  • लंबा किया हुआ

drawn-out Definition


  • lasting longer than necessary

drawn-out Example

  • A first scheme, indicated by him, was immediately drawn out by two French engineers who were in the Egyptian service, MM. ( उनके द्वारा इंगित पहली योजना, दो फ्रांसीसी इंजीनियरों द्वारा तुरंत तैयार की गई थी जो मिस्र की सेवा, एमएम में थे। ) 
  • The visceral hump is low and not drawn out into a spire. ( आंत का कूबड़ कम होता है और एक शिखर में नहीं खींचा जाता है। )
  • We try to avoid long , drawn - out meetings ( हम लंबी, खींची हुई बैठकों से बचने की कोशिश करते हैं )
  • We could have a long , drawn - out good - bye ( हमारे पास एक लंबा, खींचा हुआ अच्छा-अलविदा हो सकता है )

More Sentence

  • By her sweetness ivy managed to survive the drawn - out brutality
  • Although her ugly divorce was drawn - out and expensive , she wants to move on with her life
  • Parties mutuallyagree to submit to arbitration in the hope toavoiding drawn - out public clashes in thecourts
  • The patient bull won ' t have a problem plodding through educational books or drawn - out su e e thrillers
  • There followed a long - drawn - out legal tussle over the compensation to be paid to the bereaved families
  • The patient bull won ' t have a problem plodding through educational books or drawn - out suspense thrillers
  • But a long, drawn-out process is difficult for Sagittarians.
  • But having these very vivid and drawn-out flash backs (lasting.
  • The moral of this drawn-out and somewhat twisted tale is… Uuuhh.
  • With a screech so drawn-out, long and loud it seemed as if the wood.
  • Tonight this long, drawn-out story comes to an end, he said, smiling.
  • In 1969 and 1974, a few of these phony, drawn-out rallies lasted up to 15 weeks.
  • After a single drawn-out convulsion, her foe’s body flopped lifelessly and remained still.
  • Oh, my, she said as if overwhelmed by the task of recounting a long and drawn-out storyline.
  • After the brutal long - drawn - out tribal war , the common people living in the area are all yearning for peace and security
  • Divorce and drawn-out custody battles play a role in many kids' lives.
  • The ring-canal is drawn out in Narcomedusae into festoons corresponding with the lobes of the margin, and may be obliterated altogether (Solmaris).