despairing - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of despairing in Hindi

  • निराश
  • नाउम्मेद होना
  • निराश होना
  • आशाहीन होना
  • आशाहीन हो जाना

despairing Definition


  • showing the loss of all hope.

despairing Example

  • He gave a despairing little shrug ( उसने एक निराशाजनक छोटा श्रग दिया )
  • I have been despairing at the thought of this. ( यह सोचकर मैं हताश हो गया हूं। )
  • After the despairing cry I looked quickly into the night sky. ( निराशाजनक रोने के बाद मैंने जल्दी से रात के आसमान में देखा। )
  • It was a despairing dive into depression. ( यह अवसाद में एक निराशाजनक गोता था। )

More Sentence

  • The ball hit the right-hand post and rebounded into the net, far beyond Butler's despairing dive.  
  • It can change a person from being prayerful and hopeful to one who is despairing.  
  • I'm sorry for that, but weekends like I've just had make me nostalgic, self-pitying and sort of despairing once they're done.  
  • And now, here we are, a couple of days from the next election and like most people I know, I'm despairing.  
  • Where once she was smug and funny about her career and marriage, now she is feisty and despairing.  
  • Politicians have been warned repeatedly that overpopulated prisons cannot deal adequately with depressed, despairing inmates.
  • He glanced down at her with a despairing expression.
  • My despairing thought is, "Who will want me now?"
  • Disillusioned with men and despairing of the future of his country, he spent the rest of his life devoted to agricultural pursuits, and rarely emerged from his retirement; when he did so, it was to fight political and religious reaction.
  • Romeo was left despairing as he discovered the supposedly lifeless corpse of his brief love, Juliet.  
  • The despairing mother could not be consoled after she learned that her son had lost his life on the field of battle.  
  • Having been delayed three times already, the despairing couple felt that they would never actually get on a flight home.  
  • Upon this too static a view, both of clinical type and of post-mortem-room pathology, came a despairing spirit, almost of fatalism, which in the contemplation of organic ruins lost the hope of cure of organic diseases.
  • The despairing, dejected expression of Natasha's face caught his eye.