dispense - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dispense in Hindi

  • बग़ैर


  • बांटना
  • वितरित करना
  • विभाग करना
  • अलगाना
  • दवा बनाना
  • देना
  • हटाना
  • विमुक्त करना
  • दवा देना

dispense Definition


  • distribute or provide (a service or information) to a number of people.
  • manage without or get rid of.

dispense Example

  • The machines dispense a range of drinks and snacks ( मशीनें कई प्रकार के पेय और स्नैक्स वितरित करती हैं )
  • Let's dispense with the formalities, shall we? ( चलो औपचारिकताओं से दूर हो जाओ, क्या हम? )
  • History Logic cannot dispense with the light afforded by its history so long as counter-solutions of the same fundamental problems continue to hold the field. ( हिस्ट्री लॉजिक अपने इतिहास के प्रकाश को तब तक दूर नहीं कर सकता जब तक कि उन्हीं मूलभूत समस्याओं के प्रति-समाधान क्षेत्र में बने रहते हैं। )
  • Could he dispense with tea and coffee? ( क्या वह चाय और कॉफी से दूर हो सकता है? )

More Sentence

  • Hale (1687), by which he was allowed to dispense Catholics from the Test Act.
  • But the attempt to maintain the empire in its unity proved impracticable; and almost immediately there began the embittered war, waged for several decades by the generals (diadochi), for the inheritance of the great king.2 It was soon obvious that the eastern rulers, at all events, could not dispense with the native element.
  • He rolled his eyes, as if having to dispense the information were pointless.
  • Shepstone determined to dispense with his further services as a government servant, and terminated the engagement.
  • WACC to other capital structure variables, and almost completely dispense with the.
  • It would not have been very difficult to persuade them to dispense with the mirror.
  • The evidence that demonstrates that Jesus appeared to dispense with His usual religious.
  • If we have the doctor’s office dispense it, we can tell them it’s vitamins, Sam said.
  • If God willed it so, he would be ready to dispense his wrath to the minions of the archenemy.
  • Citizen, I desire nothing more than to get to Paris, though I could dispense with the escort.
  • It is one of the luxuries of the modern age that we can dispense with curtains and shades.
  • The mosque also set up its own courts to dispense Islamic justice, saying the state had failed.
  • Doctors and nurses were present at all times to deal with emergencies and dispense routine care.
  • I think we can dispense with formalities considering the circumstances, not to mention my attire.
  • Amalric felt he could well dispense with Valerius, once he had paved the way for a Nemedian victory.
  • Let’s first dispense with the idea that saying no to spending on certain things means you’re cheap.
  • Wellington the proposal seemed premature; he would prefer to wait till "the assembly had published its conduct by its acts"; for if the new chambers were to prove as intractable as the dissolved Chambre introuvable, the monarchy would not be able to dispense with its foreign tutors.
  • All authorities combine in praising his handsome presence and the affability and charm of his address, together with a certain simplicity of personal tastes, which led him in his intercourse with his friends or with the representatives of friendly powers to dispense with ceremonial and etiquette.
  • The Secretary of State was empowered to dispense with the nationality requirement in individual cases