depict - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of depict in Hindi

  • चित्रित


  • शब्दों में वर्णन करना
  • वर्णन करना
  • चित्रित करना
  • चित्रण करना
  • खींचना
  • चित्रांकित करना
  • चित्र बनाना
  • लिखना
  • नकशा बनाना
  • निरूपण करना

depict Definition


  • show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.

depict Example

  • The artist did not depict emotion: he depicted the subjects that produce emotion. ( कलाकार ने भावनाओं का चित्रण नहीं किया: उन्होंने उन विषयों का चित्रण किया जो भावना पैदा करते हैं। )
  • Road maps depict major roads in a state. ( रोड मैप एक राज्य में प्रमुख सड़कों को दर्शाते हैं। )
  • Colorful pictures depict the varied wildlife of the area. ( रंगीन चित्र क्षेत्र के विविध वन्य जीवन को दर्शाते हैं। )
  • His earliest collections of stories and sketches, Aus Halb- Asien, Land and Leute des ostlichen Europas (1876) and Die Juden von Barnow (1877) depict graphically the life and manners of the races of southeastern Europe. ( कहानियों और रेखाचित्रों के उनके शुरुआती संग्रह, ऑस हाल्ब-एशियन, लैंड और ल्यूट डेस ओस्टलिचेन यूरोपास (1876) और डाई जूडेन वॉन बार्नो (1877) दक्षिण-पूर्वी यूरोप की दौड़ के जीवन और शिष्टाचार को चित्रित करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • The drawings on the cave walls depict the lives of the earliest men on the planet.  
  • In your poem, you should use words to depict a teenage girl’s heartache.  
  • The political candidate often tries to depict his rival as a wealthy man who is out of touch with the common people.  
  • In his painting, the artist used a lot of red paint to depict the brutality of war.  
  • The prisoner’s tattoos depict his gang affiliation.
  • They depict the See of Oxford impaling argent an eagle sable charged with a mullet argent.
  • Poets and films often depict Paris in the springtime.
  • On the finished columns raised panels depict Ay and his wife adoring cartouches.
  • Rush Hour arrives with 40 challenge cards, which depict various gridlock scenarios to set up your traffic jam to.
  • Poet and novelist love to depict the princess as won by the outlaw, the gypsy, the peasant.
  • For my attempt to depict the social habits of the period I had but to draw on my memory.
  • You lift me into immortality, Depict new heavens, or draw the scenes of hell.
  • They embody the hopes of the Renaissance and depict a College of the Humanities.
  • Other music was required to depict the emotions than that of the contrapuntist, with its puzzling intricacies.
  • They're not the hair-brained idiots that some war-correspondents depict from day to day.
  • How shall we depict the fate of thousands of soldiers ordered back home on the eve of the invasion?
  • The novelist wishing to depict his hero doing the right thing in the right way by his heroine did not have the variety of choice he has now.
  • The paintings, executed on canvas, depict scenes from the story of Ulysses.
  • depict various gridlock scenarios to set up your traffic jam to.