rock - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of rock in Hindi

  • चट्टान
  • रॉक
  • शिला
  • हिलना
  • झुलाना
  • झोंटे खाना
  • धीरे-धीरे डौलना

rock Definition


  • the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans.
  • a large piece of rock which has become detached from a cliff or mountain; a boulder.
  • used to refer to someone or something that is extremely strong, reliable, or hard.
  • rock music.
  • a gentle movement to and fro or from side to side.


  • move gently to and fro or from side to side.
  • wear (a garment) or affect (an attitude or style), especially in a confident or flamboyant way.

rock Example

  • imagining himself as the last rock of civilization being swept over by a wave of barbarism ( खुद को सभ्यता की आखिरी चट्टान के रूप में कल्पना करना बर्बरता की लहर से बह रहा है )
  • the building began to rock on its foundations ( इमारत अपनी नींव पर हिलने लगी )
  • Like to be that rock she sat on. ( वह जिस चट्टान पर बैठी थी, वैसा ही होना। )
  • We took the water from the rock. ( हमने चट्टान से पानी लिया। )

More Sentence

  • Having plenty of live rock for.
  • His rock head had been torn off.
  • Yosef pointed at the heavy rock.
  • Punk rock was frankly too white.
  • Skeets‘ rock face was cracking.
  • One juvenile was found beneath a rock in the forest, and another was on the forest floor by day.
  • The resolution is firmly set; the man walks forth strong as a rock in his determination.
  • Aunt Lizzie was poking at a rock with her toe when she looked up suddenly and saw her danger.
  • On a rock on the mountain-side, some three hundred yards away, stood the figure of an old man.
  • A solitary exile, on a bare rock of Caprera sat Giuseppe Garibaldi on that joyful day.
  • But I think I described him truly when I said he was like a rock overgrown with moss and lichen.
  • But it is my duty to try and test the spirits, so as to be a rock of defence to those beneath my care.
  • The shadows of evening were now spreading themselves over the woods, and rock and tree began to mingle together.
  • Between each group of figures the face of the rock was scored with mysterious signs and rudely limned weapons of war and chase.
  • Years had changed the more perishable features of the scene; but rock and iron yield slowly to the influence of time.
  • It occurred to her now, as it had done so often before, that in the hour of trouble he would be like a rock to lean on.
  • They coasted up the west side of the atoll, making short tacks in to the surf-pounded coral rock and out again.
  • When the hay'd given out in one place they'd worked through at another until they struck bed rock again.
  • Clement looked about him in great perplexity, and suddenly perceived a man sitting on the rock which so precipitately overhung the path.
  • But before the Rock Worm could.
  • A second, much smaller rock in.
  • Maybe it was a rock concert or.
  • It happened at Chimney Rock, MD.
  • Peso asked me if I needed a rock.
  • He picked up a rock and threw it.
  • They pause and look at the rock.
  • Nearby Salt Rock was great for.
  • Cowering back against the rock.
  • A local rock band was tuning up.
  • Cutting through the mist and rock.
  • The ship was well into the rock.
  • He pressed forward, hard as rock.
  • You must have hit a bloody rock.
  • the police discovered six ounces of rock in his van
  • he looked a totally different man and ready to rock
  • crack sells for $20 a rock
  • she placed the baby in the cradle and gave it a rock
  • a spectacular rock arch
  • a rock star
  • a piece of rock
  • the beds of rock are slightly tilted