gaga - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of gaga in Hindi


  • बेहूदा
  • अनर्थक
  • व्यर्थ
  • बेकार
  • मूर्ख
  • बेफ़यादा
  • सनकी

gaga Definition


  • no longer in possession of all one's mental faculties, especially on account of old age.

gaga Example

  • Getting Lady Gaga's hair is a challenge. (लेडी गागा के बाल पाना एक चुनौती है।)
  • It's difficult to see gaga in a sentence . (गागा को एक वाक्य में देखना मुश्किल है।)
  • By the time I am seventy, I will probably be too gaga to be difficult anyway! (जब तक मैं सत्तर वर्ष का हो जाता हूँ, तब तक मैं शायद इतना गदगद हो जाऊँगा कि मैं वैसे भी कठिन हो जाऊँगा!)
  • Lady Gaga's cover is only released on a soundtrack. (लेडी गागा का कवर केवल एक साउंडट्रैक पर जारी किया गया है।)
  • You can't discuss star fashion without mentioning Lady Gaga! (आप लेडी गागा का उल्लेख किए बिना स्टार फैशन पर चर्चा नहीं कर सकते!)

More Sentence

  • During the 2011 event, Gaga was give the Fashion Icon award.
  • Friel, though, professes to be gaga about the results.
  • My granny's 94 and she's a bit gaga.
  • From simple fashion miscues to disasters like Bjork's swan outfit and Lady Gaga's meat costume, the only question left is who will be next on the list of worst dressed celebrities?
  • Kinney began dating singer-songwriter Lady Gaga in July 2011.
  • I can't imagine why Susan is so gaga about him.
  • Other stars seen in round styles are Mary Kate Olsen and Lady Gaga.
  • "Wall Street went gaga over RCA, " Hari said.
  • She is gaga about jazz.
  • Maybe you love the song styling of Lady Gaga and would like to have "Bad Romance" as your ringer?
  • The other two nominees were Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga.
  • He has gone completely gaga.
  • That being said, feel free to go gaga over this delicately bold look of a black frame paired with smoke lenses.
  • A few years ago Mara dona told me that Have was gaga,
  • If you don't keep your brain working you go gaga.