demi- - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of demi- in Hindi

  • डेमी-
  • डेमि

demi- Definition


  • half; half-size.
  • partially; in an inferior degree.

demi- Example

  • The demi-Vulcan is missing from this one, folks. ( इसमें से डेमी-वल्कन गायब है, दोस्तों। )
  • And did we mention Demi Moore's triple-header? ( और क्या हमने डेमी मूर के ट्रिपल-हेडर का जिक्र किया? )
  • battlements of a tower, a demi lion rampant guardant - approved by King George VI in February 1938. ( फरवरी 1938 में किंग जॉर्ज VI द्वारा अनुमोदित एक टावर, एक डेमी लायन प्रचंड रक्षक। )
  • Leake, Topography of Athens and the Demi (2nd ed., London, 1841); C. Wachsmuth, Die Stadt Athen im Alterthum (vol. ( लीक, एथेंस की स्थलाकृति और डेमी (दूसरा संस्करण, लंदन, 1841); सी. वाचस्मथ, डाई स्टैड एथेन इम अल्टरथम (वॉल्यूम। )

More Sentence

  • Don't little boys like little girls? asked Demi, with his mouth full, and an air of bland satisfaction.
  • Demi felt his back, as if expecting to find it like that of the watch, and then gravely remarked, I dess Dod does it when I's asleep.
  • I wonder if I should blossom out half as well as you have, if I tried it? said Jo, as she constructed a kite for Demi in the topsy-turvy nursery.
  • Demi, as the oldest grandchild, then presented the queen of the day with various gifts, so numerous that they were transported to the festive scene in a wheelbarrow.
  • Demi paused to consider the new relationship before he compromised himself by the rash acceptance of a bribe, which took the tempting form of a family of wooden bears from Berne.
  • More pictures of the vintage demi tasse coffee set - click here.
  • Demi Lovato apparently has not escaped the Disney curse.
  • Demi Moore is Hollywood's front-running strong woman.
  • So who's sexier, Demi Moore or Halle Berry?
  • Joan Crawford equals Demi Moore and the Duke recycles as the Ahnuld.
  • Who is going to wear them except maybe Madonna or Demi Moore?
  • Say, do you want to be as buff as Demi Moore?
  • _DEMI MOORE WILLIS : Punchy and feisty _ just like her.
  • They dined with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore at Planet Hollywood.
  • True, Demi Moore and other celebrities are puffing away today.
  • Other guest stars doing cameos include Demi Moore and Dwight Yoakam.
  • Planet Hollywood names drinks after Demi Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.
  • Demi Moore plays the first woman to undergo Navy SEAL training.
  • Demi Moore's big-budget action-movie disappointment.
  • It's difficult to see demi in a sentence .