death knell - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of death knell in Hindi

  • मृत्यु नाद

death knell Definition


  • the tolling of a bell to mark someone's death.

death knell Example

  • the chaos may sound the death knell for the peace plan ( अराजकता शांति योजना के लिए मौत की घंटी लग सकती है )
  • It was not a macabre death knell, but it was sobering reality. ( यह एक भयानक मौत की घंटी नहीं थी, बल्कि यह एक गंभीर सच्चाई थी। )
  • Death knell : " Bubby Brister is the Viking quarterback,"  ( मौत की घंटी: "बब्बी ब्रिस्टर वाइकिंग क्वार्टरबैक है," )
  • Pilots call the cost-cutting plan the death knell for Sabena. ( पायलट लागत में कटौती की योजना को सबेना के लिए मौत की घंटी बताते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • The search for minerals rang the death knell for many waters in the area.
  • That could be the final death knell for the already ravaged economy.
  • Fees, he argues, do not sound the death knell for the gap year, but in fact make it an even more important institution.  
  • A change of name to Electronics Australia Today spelt the death knell.
  • But no death knell has sounded for the big flashy bar mitzvah.
  • Grim as this scenario may be, it is hardly a death knell.
  • The violent end to the Jacobite rising of 1745 also sounded the death knell of Highland society.
  • That sounds like a death knell to the plans of Watertown officials.
  • But it is too early to sound the death knell for Kentucky.
  • Some lawmakers saw that as the death knell for campaign finance reform.
  • I fear this cut would truly be the death knell for the industry.
  • These sounded the death knell of shortwave radio for commercial communications.
  • Incidentally, those who predicted the smoking ban would spell the death knell of the Irish pub couldn't have been more wrong.
  • It's difficult to see death knell in a sentence .
  • His find was the death knell of the Cherokee Nation in the Southeast.
  • This is the death knell of the kinder, gentler Jeb Bush.