championship - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of championship in Hindi

  • चैंपियनशिप
  • नेतृत्व
  • सरदारी
  • हिमायत
  • पोषक का पद
  • तरफ़दारी

championship Definition

  • a contest for the position of champion in a sport, often involving a series of games or matches. ( एक खेल में चैंपियन की स्थिति के लिए एक प्रतियोगिता, अक्सर खेल या मैचों की एक श्रृंखला शामिल होती है। )
  • the vigorous support or defense of someone or something. ( किसी को या किसी चीज का जोरदार समर्थन या बचाव। )

championship Example

  • Things are a little different here, as I was to see in one of my first championship matches. ( यहां चीजें थोड़ी अलग हैं, जैसा कि मुझे अपने पहले चैम्पियनशिप मैचों में से एक में देखना था। )
  • the world chess championship ( विश्व शतरंज चैम्पियनशिप )
  • I remember he came back for the championship game and the coach put him in and I was really upset. ( मुझे याद है कि वह चैंपियनशिप खेल के लिए वापस आए और कोच ने उन्हें अंदर डाल दिया और मैं वास्तव में परेशान था। )
  • A victory will give one side a considerable edge in the championship race but defeat won't be the end for the loser. ( एक जीत चैंपियनशिप की दौड़ में एक ओर बढ़त प्रदान करेगी लेकिन हारने वाले के लिए हार का अंत नहीं होगा। )
  • Although he has won the Pike Hills Scratch Trophy several times, the club championship had eluded him in the past. ( हालाँकि उन्होंने कई बार पाइक हिल्स स्क्रैच ट्रॉफी जीती है, लेकिन क्लब चैंपियनशिप ने उन्हें अतीत में बाहर कर दिया था। )
  • What a sensational way to win a first ever county minor football championship title. ( पहली बार काउंटी मामूली फुटबॉल चैम्पियनशिप खिताब जीतने का एक सनसनीखेज तरीका क्या है। )
  • So my aim in the Asian championship was to play games that would be entertaining to the spectators. ( इसलिए एशियाई चैम्पियनशिप में मेरा उद्देश्य ऐसे खेल खेलना था जो दर्शकों के लिए मनोरंजक होंगे। )

More Sentence

  • These two titles in Barcelona take his world championship tally of titles to five.
  • Apart from the fine display of hurling this was also one of the real sporting games of the championship .
  • And he netted the first goal against Manchester City to clinch the league championship at Maine Road in 1960.
  • A world championship biking event is coming to England for the first time and will be staged in the local area.
  • There's no doubting the raw materials they have to construct a championship contender.
  • When C. P. Scott died, the innumerable tributes to him all emphasized his courage and integrity, his humanitarianism and his championship of unpopular causes.
  • Alan's championship of his estranged wife
  • For the first time, an NFL championship game would be decided in sudden-death overtime.
  • Indeed they had already kicked more points than in any other game of the championship .
  • McCoy is cruising to his seventh consecutive jockey's championship .
  • Two years ago its players created history, capturing the county championship for the first time ever.
  • If you are here playing for Rangers you are expected to deliver trophies and the most important one is the championship .
  • Petter Solberg clinched his first world rally championship by winning the Wales Rally GB on Sunday.
  • In 1964 he captured the heavyweight championship for the first time in a surprising sixth-round technical knockout of Sonny Liston.
  • The Laois housewife and mother won yet another senior national cross-country championship at the Aer Lingus Sports Centre on Sunday.
  • the final round of the championship will be in Japan
  • This allowed Stirling to go on to add the title to his Bishopscourt championship .
  • Leicester move into fourth place but still have a lot of work to do to seal their place in the championship play-offs.
  • He thought he had got their attention when he made the World championship semifinals.
  • Celtic fulfilled a fixture and moved towards a successful defence of their championship yesterday.
  • Last night's final in a rainy Stade de France was Campbell's eighth race of the championship .
  • He then captured the jockeys' championship in his second season with a record of 182 winners.
  • Zambia has met Egypt in the final qualifier of the biennial championship and will play the first leg at home.