able-bodied - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of able-bodied in Hindi


able-bodied Definition

  • fit, strong, and healthy (फिट, मजबूत, और स्वस्थ)
  • not physically disabled (शारीरिक रूप से अक्षम नहीं है।)

able-bodied Example

  • If you thought disabled athletes were in any way less competitive than able-bodied ones then this mayhem should put you right. (यदि आपको लगता है कि विकलांग एथलीट किसी भी तरह से सक्षम-सक्षम लोगों की तुलना में कम प्रतिस्पर्धी थे, तो इस भ्रम को आपको सही रखना चाहिए।)
  • I wish traffic wardens would use as much enthusiasm when dealing with able-bodied people who use disabled parking places. (काश, ट्रैफिक वार्डन विकलांग पार्किंग स्थानों का उपयोग करने वाले सक्षम लोगों के साथ व्यवहार करते समय अधिक उत्साह का उपयोग करते।)

More Sentences

  • The vessel is designed to enable able-bodied and physically disabled people to experience the adventure of off-shore sailing.
  • I appreciate that it is good for pupils to mix, both disabled and able-bodied , as this reflects the general public.
  • A new project - Crank it Up - wants to see more able-bodied and disabled people enjoying the benefits of cycling.
  • They showed no real differences between the physically disabled and able-bodied athletes.
  • The aim of this meeting is to set up a youth club with emphasis on inclusion of both disabled and able-bodied young people.
  • Disabled people had the same rights and entitlements as able-bodied people.
  • She finds now that disabled people working for her are as responsible as able-bodied people.
  • It took the disabled shoppers two hours longer than their able-bodied counterparts to complete the same activities.
  • There is a snag with this product for owners who have dependants living with them, be they able-bodied or disabled.
  • When able-bodied people go about seeking changes on behalf of the disabled, these never get done.
  • Disabled and able-bodied pupils got together for a dance and drama day.
  • Benjamin says there's a certain fear as well as curiosity when able-bodied and disabled dancers meet.
  • Disabled and able-bodied children will now be able to enjoy the playground together because of its specially designed equipment.
  • In the athletes' village, it is great to see that everyone treats the disabled athletes the same as an able-bodied person.
  • This would have been an extraordinary achievement even for an able-bodied athlete.
  • It wilfully ignores the real differences between the needs of the disabled and the needs of the able-bodied .
  • This means that able-bodied citizens must support their claims and push forward disabled rights in Bulgaria.
  • Disabled and able-bodied children will be able to play side by side at the pioneering inclusive playground at Wharfemeadows Park in Otley.