burgundy - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of burgundy in Hindi

  • बरगंडी
  • लाल रंग की शराब

burgundy Definition

  • a wine from Burgundy (usually taken to be red unless otherwise specified). ( बरगंडी की एक शराब (आमतौर पर लाल होने तक ली जाती है जब तक कि अन्यथा निर्दिष्ट न हो)। )

burgundy Example

  • They smell divine and taste truly wonderful with a glass of burgundy . ( वे एक गिलास बरगंडी के साथ दिव्य और स्वाद को वास्तव में अद्भुत महसूस करते हैं। )
  • Christian Hadfield won the best patisserie dish in a live cookout and received a trophy, and a magnum of red burgundy for his efforts. ( क्रिश्चियन हैडफील्ड ने लाइव कुकआउट में सर्वश्रेष्ठ पेटिसरेरी डिश जीता और ट्रॉफी प्राप्त की, और उनके प्रयासों के लिए लाल बरगंडी की एक मैग्नम। )
  • Both are bright and generously sized, with rich burgundy walls providing the backdrop to a most unusual timber floor with inlay. ( दोनों उज्ज्वल और उदारतापूर्वक आकार हैं, अमीर बरगंडी दीवारों के साथ जड़ना के साथ सबसे असामान्य लकड़ी के फर्श को पृष्ठभूमि प्रदान करते हैं। )
  • All the bridesmaids wore dresses of burgundy silk and carried matching posies. ( सभी ब्राइड्समेड्स ने बरगंडी रेशम के कपड़े पहने और मैचिंग पोज़ दिए। )
  • Dark reds like burgundy and maroon appeal to moderate income groups. ( बरगंडी और मैरून जैसे गहरे लाल मध्यम आय समूहों के लिए अपील करते हैं। )
  • warm shades of brown and burgundy ( भूरे और बरगंडी के गर्म रंग )

More Sentence

  • Red burgundy is a risk because you seldom know if it will meet your expectations.
  • Our late-October visit to Skye meant we saw magnificent flashes of gold, red and burgundy everywhere we looked.
  • burgundy leather
  • During the attack the woman's burgundy shoulder bag containing personal items of no real value was stolen.
  • The square is bedecked in rich burgundy tapestries and lords and ladies watch from their thrones in the terraces above.
  • This winter, chiffon dresses and smart coats in red, burgundy , pink and purple play the leading role in the collection.
  • It is now quite normal to see beautiful, healthy dark Chinese hair streaked with red, orange and burgundy .
  • Having said that, there is no point in serving your finest bottles of claret and burgundy with any meal eaten al fresco.
  • As summer turns into autumn, colour in your garden can be transformed into a sea of amber, orange, red and burgundy , if you choose the right plants.
  • Somerfield's own-label red burgundy used to be horrid, but the past few vintages have been full of elegant, smoky, plummy fruit.
  • For lips, deep burgundies and caramel shades look fab on darkest skins.
  • Drouhin makes a skein of burgundies , from Beaujolais and Macon-Villages at less than $15 to grand crus in both the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits.
  • ‘We have different wine glasses for everything,’ notes Guillet, including individual styles for reds, burgundies , ports, Bordeaux and vintages from Alsace.
  • And gamey red burgundies , not midden-scented ones please, for game.
  • I'm not just talking about rich burgundies and purples, but sharp yellow, burnt orange and bright blues, previously thought suitable only for summer.
  • Typically, the French are so devoted to putting the region, village and vineyard on the label that they do not bother to mention the sole variety that these great white burgundies are made from - Chardonnay.
  • The Petrie Chardonnay 2003 is a clean, complex, minimally oaked food wine in the slightly austere style of top French white burgundies .
  • Lesser burgundies , often made partly from the same Gamay grape, are a handy warm-weather alternative to Beaujolais and, unlike their grander grand cru relatives, take happily to the chilling process.
  • In real terms this means the vinous equivalent of blue-chip stocks - classed-growth clarets, a very small number of burgundies and Rhone reds, some Italian reds and a handful of rare New World ‘boutique’ wines.
  • It also set a standard by which I subconsciously measure all burgundies and Pinot Noirs.
  • I never part company with my finest clarets and burgundies at Christmas.
  • As for the Pinot Noir, well, I told Walter I hoped he didn't mind if I said it was better than most red burgundies .
  • A specialist in necktie design, he says his interest in this branch of fashion began as a teenager when he was fascinated by the way the racing greens and burgundies of his school tie at once expressed its sporty and conservative ethos.
  • Les Caves des H-C is a favourite producer, with good value, toothsome, classic red burgundies , such as this light, plum and cherry, barrel-aged, old vine, Grande Cuvée edition.