come back - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of come back in Hindi

  • वापस लौटें
  • वापस आना

come back Definition


  • a return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.
  • a quick reply to a critical remark.

come back Example

  •  I wait for you to come back. ( मैं आपके वापस आने का इंतजार करता हूं। )
  • I'm going away and I may never come back. ( मैं दूर जा रहा हूं और मैं कभी वापस नहीं आ सकता। )
  • Our team has bounced back from bitter disappointments and come back. ( हमारी टीम कड़वी निराशा से उबकर वापस आ गई है। )
  • Claire keeps coming back to images of water in her dreams. ( क्लेयर अपने सपनों में पानी की छवियों पर वापस आती रहती हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Maybe we can have him come back as his twin brother.
  • I could decide to come back or to not come back.
  • I could decide to come back or to not come back.
  • But people that got away have come back to college football.
  • Waiting for you to come back into my life, is just an excuse for not completely letting go of you.
  • She was upset that her husband had not come back.
  • I wait for you to come back and say you love me.
  • I begged him to come back to England with me.
  • The spread with bunds could come back to 120 next year.
  • It's difficult to see coming back in a sentence .
  • He will not come back five days from now and start.
  • Many people go down in November and come back in May,
  • The Astros can go to the devil and not come back.
  • The lady pleaded with her daughter to come back home.
  • Please come back. I want to make up. I want to be your Valentine.
  • He'll keep the book for me till I come back.
  • Maybe my expectations change a little when I come back here.
  • Once you stop for a minute _ the tears come back.
  • Now the same firm is coming back to do more training.
  • Also I am very pleased that Simon Rattle is coming back.
  • You must come back.
  • Those that have gone won't come back again.Those coming back are no longer perfect.
  • I was worried when Barry didn't come back at the usual time.
  • I want to be ready to go when we come back.
  • Will happen one day, you can come back, bloomy spring.