bottom - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bottom in Hindi

  • तल


  • तल
  • तह
  • तली
  • आधार
  • निचला भाग
  • पैंदा
  • तला


  • सब से नीचे


  • पैंदा करना
  • आधारित करना
  • तलहटी
  • मूल

bottom Definition


  • the lowest point or part. ( निम्नतम बिंदु या भाग। )
  • the buttocks. ( नितंबों। )
  • the second half of an inning. ( एक पारी का दूसरा भाग। )
  • one of six flavors of quark. ( क्वार्क के छह स्वादों में से एक। )


  • (of a performance or situation) reach the lowest point before stabilizing or improving. ( (किसी प्रदर्शन या स्थिति के) स्थिर होने या सुधारने से पहले निम्नतम बिंदु पर पहुँचना। )


  • in the lowest position. ( सबसे कम स्थिति में। )

bottom Example

  • They've signposted content with clear navigation and put neat section headers at the bottom of the front page. ( उन्होंने स्पष्ट नेविगेशन के साथ सामग्री को साइनपोस्ट किया है और सामने वाले पृष्ठ के निचले भाग में नीयर सेक्शन हेडर लगाए हैं। )
  • In many areas along the shoreline, the bottom of the lake dropped off quickly to greater depths. ( तटरेखा के साथ कई क्षेत्रों में, झील का तल तेजी से अधिक गहराई तक गिरा। )
  • Jan Molby's men have conceded just three goals and lost just the once on their own turf, but it is a lack of firepower up front which has seen them drop to just two points off the bottom . ( जान मोल्बी के पुरुषों ने सिर्फ तीन गोल किए हैं और अपनी टर्फ पर सिर्फ एक बार हार गए हैं, लेकिन यह सामने की मारक क्षमता की कमी है जिसने उन्हें नीचे से सिर्फ दो अंक तक गिरा दिया है। )
  • If the Finance Sector proposition set out at the bottom of page 359 is correct, that is sufficient for our purposes. ( यदि वित्त क्षेत्र का प्रस्ताव ३५ ९ के निचले भाग में निर्धारित किया गया है, तो यह सही है, जो हमारे उद्देश्यों के लिए पर्याप्त है। )
  • As I said, I have come from the bottom to the surface in a hundred-foot deep water. ( जैसा कि मैंने कहा, मैं सतह से नीचे तक सौ फुट गहरे पानी में आया हूँ। )

More Sentence

  • I will also require a velveteen cushion on which to rest my boil-covered bottom .
  • Then, I sit up, with my hands pressed to a bottom board of the shelf, pushing myself upwards.
  • In some cases, pupils who had originally been in the bottom quarter of the class produced work that put them in the middle half of the class.
  • Jade was in a green bikini top with the bottom of her suit covered by a pair of blue jeans.
  • Her lazy swimming halted, and her feet found the rough surface of the bottom of the pool.
  • Heresy and a whiff of black magic are at the bottom of it.
  • The change effected appears at the bottom of page 186 and the top of 187.
  • There was some form of emotional distress at the bottom of it all.
  • That's because it depends on whether the iceberg is floating or resting on the bottom .
  • The bottom half of the income distribution is unlikely to save for retirement in illiquid accounts on a voluntary basis.
  • The wide mouth of the packaging allows consumers to easily dip down to the bottom of the container.
  • An unopened toothbrush and tube of toothpaste lay in the bottom shelf.
  • She grabbed the railing for support and lowered herself on the bottom step.
  • They were dark days for the Elephants, who soldiered on with young talent but never climbed up from the bottom of the rankings.
  • And there is something going on with him, but I'm not sure any of us are at the bottom of it yet.
  • The share for middle and bottom income earners suffered declines of about 5 percent.
  • At the very end of this long table was a rather large chair edged with more gold upon which the king himself sat his royal bottom .
  • A muck of built up sewage and slime sits at the bottom of the deep slow moving polluted water.
  • So we decided we'd dig the whole lot out and put the bottom storey underground.
  • Ensure good drainage by inserting a good layer, three to four inches deep, of gravel or shattered clay pots at the bottom of your container.
  • In the bottom of the container there was a reservoir of water, and above it an apparatus caused electrical arcs to crackle.
  • She goes to the fridge and from a cask on the bottom shelf pours me a glass.
  • The settlement gives more to higher grade officers then it does to those at the bottom of the ladder.
  • Try to keep it evenly sprinkled from the top to the bottom of the page.
  • The top two from each pool will progress to the cup competition, while the bottom two will get a second bite of the cherry in the plate.