absentee - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of absentee in Hindi

  • अनुपस्थित होनेवाला
  • अनुपस्थित व्यक्ति
  • दूरवासी
  • अन्यत्रवासी
  • अनुपस्थायी

absentee Definition

a person who is expected or required to be present at a place or event but is not. (वह व्यक्ति जो किसी स्थान या घटना में उपस्थित होने के लिए अपेक्षित या अपेक्षित हो, लेकिन ऐसा नहीं है।)


absentee Example

  • an absentee from the match (मैच से अनुपस्थित)
  • absentee pupils (अनुपस्थित शिष्य)

More Sentence

  • The final score denied Carlow a win they deserved, but given their absentees , they should be very pleased with their second half performance.
  • There are notable absentees from other cities, too.
  • Despite the absentees , Easingwold won by 62 runs.
  • Under the new contracts for teachers, they will be entitled to time away from pupils while support staff take on tasks such as collecting dinner money and chasing absentees .
  • Many were absentees living comfortably in the south.
  • Support of the majority of all MEPs is required to make changes, including absentees .
  • A biting wind and swirling snow kept attendance low and meant that the absentees missed an evening of sparkling music from the Duke Ellington Orchestra.
  • If teachers spent much time chasing absentees , it would be at the expense of those pupils who have turned up for lessons.
  • The absentees included Laurence and John Hurney, Derek Hayes, John Foley, John Phelan, and Colin Keane.
  • She received her usual score or more of cards from relatives and friends, and there were the usual absentees - their cards would arrive a day or two later.
  • One defeat in eight matches isn't bad for a side whose list of absentees is even longer than Newcastle's.
  • There were also four Conservative absentees and one Labour.
  • The national target was a 10 per cent drop in the levels of absentees .
  • There were not high numbers of absentees at the school but the bugs seemed to be striking the same people, especially staff, she said.
  • But those players aren't guaranteed to keep their places as no less then seven absentees from Monday's derby at Victory Park are set to return.
  • Of that team, there may be some notable absentees for the England match.
  • The vote was 96-2, and the two absentees regrettably were Kerry and Edwards.
  • He placed absentees under suspension with immediate effect pending inquiry.
  • He believes that most of the absentees were excused.
  • Asked yesterday why 38 of the party's 163 MPs were not present, Mrs May said the absentees all had ‘good reasons’.