scream - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of scream in Hindi

  • चीख 
  • चीत्कार
  • कूक


  • चिल्लाना
  • चिंघाड़ना
  • चीक मारना
  • ठहाका मारकर हँसना
  • शोर मचाना
  • सीटी बजाना
  • चीख़ना


  • चिल्लाहट
  • शोर
  • चीक
  • चुटकुला
  • चिंघाड़
  • आक्रंदन
  • चीख़

scream Definition


  • give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing excitement, great emotion, or pain.


  • a long, loud, piercing cry expressing extreme emotion or pain.

scream Example

  • the scream of a falling bomb ( गिरने वाले बम की चीख scream )
  • He heard a gurgled scream and looked up. ( उसने कर्कश चीख सुनी और ऊपर देखा। )
  • Turning the light back on, she pointed the beam on the area where the scream seemed to originate. ( प्रकाश को वापस चालू करते हुए, उसने बीम को उस क्षेत्र पर इंगित किया जहां से चीख निकली थी। )
  • His scream was inhuman even to his ears. ( उसकी चीख उसके कानों तक भी अमानवीय थी। )
  • Her scream caused both men to cover their ears. ( उसकी चीख के कारण दोनों पुरुषों ने अपने कान ढक लिए। )
  • the movie's a scream ( फिल्म एक चीख है )
  • But then so was the scream of a mountain lion, and she had never seen one of those, either. ( लेकिन फिर ऐसा ही एक पहाड़ी शेर की चीख थी, और उसने उनमें से एक को भी कभी नहीं देखा था। )
  • his supporters scream that he is being done an injustice ( उनके समर्थक चिल्लाते हैं कि उनके साथ अन्याय हो रहा है  )

More Sentence

  • Jackson continued to scream Elisabeth's name with abject terror as she struggled to raise her head.
  • One also finds sound gestures such as calls, screams and cries.
  • At the same time as a large number of our industries are overmanned, newer industries are screaming for skilled labour. 
  • We hear the truck, a struggle, a screaming man falling into an abandoned oil well, sludge being dumped into the hole.
  • With his scream echoing in her head, she staggered up and started pummeling the jaguar.s face, shouting for it to let the sobbing baby angel go.
  • One time he awoke in a state of terror, sweating like crazy, and he actually heard himself screaming.
  • I stopped screaming and pretended to be dead.
  • As they ran around, these large mobile puppets, worn by one or two puppeteer operators, parted the crowds of delighted, screaming, scrambling children and accompanying adults.
  • His heart leapt then sank as Lana's scream echoed in his thoughts again.
  • Each week, that child screamed, wept and had to be helped out of the class room.
  • One hears of a man finding his compartment unheated, and the air is filled with his screams of protest.
  • The night ripped in two with another scream, startling her so bad that she dropped the flashlight.
  • The agitation has not been such that everyone is screaming for legislation.