vice versa - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of vice versa in Hindi

  • विपरीतता से
  • विपरीत क्रम से
  • इसका उल्टा


  • इस के प्रतिकूल
  • उल्टे

vice versa Definition

  • with the main items in the preceding statement the other way around.

vice versa Example

  • science must be at the service of man, and not vice versa. ( विज्ञान मनुष्य की सेवा में होना चाहिए, न कि इसके विपरीत। )
  • “It wouldn’t exactly be the first time racial ideas have come from the US or vice versa,” he said. ( "यह बिल्कुल पहली बार नहीं होगा जब नस्लीय विचार अमेरिका से आए हैं या इसके विपरीत," उन्होंने कहा। )
  • The income redistribution ex post will be from high rental income to low wage income, and vice versa. ( आय पुनर्वितरण पूर्व पोस्ट उच्च किराये की आय से कम वेतन आय तक होगा, और इसके विपरीत। )
  • If the examples share the same qualities, then they must possess contrasting defects, and vice versa. (   यदि उदाहरण समान गुण साझा करते हैं, तो उनमें विपरीत दोष होने चाहिए, और इसके विपरीत। )
  • The question as to whether the Greeks borrowed their algebra from the Hindus or vice versa has been the subject of much discussion. ( यह प्रश्न कि क्या यूनानियों ने अपना बीजगणित हिंदुओं से उधार लिया था या इसके विपरीत, बहुत चर्चा का विषय रहा है। )

More Sentence

  • Every standard relation is a variant function, and vice versa.
  • In the mixed territories those places which formerly belonged to Roman Catholic princes are Roman Catholic still, and vice versa.
  • “There are times when I’m really happy and I write something really sad, and vice versa.”
  • Although your friend has done a lot for you in the past, that does not absolve her of her role in the friendship today (and vice versa).
  • Any formal marker can enable any mode of functional interpretation, and vice versa.
  • This hierarchy implies that if a language has object agreement, it also has subject agreement, but not vice versa.
  • The umbra in the former case becomes the fully illuminated portion, and vice versa.
  • Time and time again, music critics have slandered albums only to praise their genius years later (and vice versa).
  • Effectively, U.S. armed forces can operate out of Indian bases, and vice versa, on a simple basis.
  • Hence when, say, V decreases the couple VM decreases, and hence the north end of the balanced magnet rises, and vice versa.
  • Because these days the personal is professional and vice versa—and there’s really no going back.
  • This paper provides examples of how we attempted to connect abstraction to reality, and vice versa.
  • We now show that unconditionality does not imply democracy, and vice versa.
  • Were the plants used as a source of food and applications for its fibres were realized later or was it vice versa?
  • Help with parenting may be needed, to facilitate the child accommodating to others, and vice versa.
  • Upon the filed returns refunds were made either by the operator to the government or vice versa.
  • Nouns used to designate substances in version 1 referred to objects in version 2 and vice versa.
  • This suggests that tree and seedling diversity may be important in supporting crab diversity, or vice versa.