stalked - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of stalked in Hindi

  • पीछा
  • डंठलदार
  • सवृ‍त्त

stalked Definition

  • pursue or approach stealthily. ( चुपके से आगे बढ़ना या दृष्टिकोण। )
  • stride somewhere in a proud, stiff, or angry manner. ( गर्व, कड़े, या गुस्से से भरे तरीके से कहीं घूमें। )

stalked Example

  • The elusive, spotted-coat cats secretly stalk their prey until just the right moment. ( मायावी, चित्तीदार कोट वाली बिल्लियाँ चुपके से अपने शिकार को सही समय आने तक रोक लेती हैं। )
  • We parked the truck and started a stalk of the goats up shale and alpine forbs slopes. (हमने ट्रक को पार्क किया और बकरियों के झुंड को ढकने का काम शुरू किया और आलपिन की जालीदार ढलान।  )
  • Before dropping off underneath a wispy mosquito net, my last thought is: who knows what creatures stalk this place? ( एक बुद्धिमान मच्छरदानी के नीचे छोड़ने से पहले, मेरा अंतिम विचार है: कौन जानता है कि कौन से जीव इस जगह पर डंठल मारते हैं? )

More Sentence

  • These buds are themselves developing beside the leaf stalk on the shoots as they grow in spring.
  • This ambulatory session is done by a preliminary biopsy of the gland stalk and with minimum invasive laparoscopic instrumentation.
  • This mobile object seemed to have a fragile stalk .
  • this time the stalk would be on foot
  • Later eocrinoids evolved a long stalk with columnals, like crinoids and blastoids.
  • The hypoblast gives rise to extra-embryonic structures such as the stalk of the yolk sac, whereas the embryo proper is formed from the remaining blastoderm cells, known as the epiblast.
  • The dura also forms a diaphragm above the pituitary gland, through which passes the pituitary stalk , joining the gland to the hypothalamus.
  • To prepare parsley for chopping, pull leaves from the main stalk .
  • Linen is from flax, a bast fiber taken from the stalk of the plant.
  • These inconspicuous larvae cling to the stalk of the plant and can easily go unnoticed.
  • They stalk the darkness between the trees, hunting for the living.
  • To avoid being knocked off and carried out to open water, the anemone secrets a very strong adhesive substance at the foot of its stalk that allows it to stay put in the most turbulent situations.
  • Newly angry over the death of my beloved hamster, I stalk over to the stairs, with Zillah still in my arms.
  • The number of florets on the flower stalk depends on the size of the bulb.
  • Then she plants the stalk in warm, moist soil, where it grows into a full plant.
  • First, we deal with the case of elastic legs that are connected to the stalk through a free joint.
  • Outside, coots and herons stalk the downtown canals.
  • We have just passed through the witching hour that is Hallowe'en, relic of a medieval past when ghosts and spirits were thought to stalk the land on All Hallow's Eve.
  • Because R. kirbyi also possesses the longest stalk in the fauna, it is likely that the crown of adult specimens was elevated above those of all other crinoids.
  • The main stalk and side shoots are ready for harvest once the flower buds start to form.
  • People stalk celebrities - and this is just my opinion.
  • You cannot assume airs and graces when you are stuck behind a stripped pine desk, with a wee stalk of a microphone in front of you and the media hanging over the banisters waiting to detect the first signs of pomposity and expose it to ridicule.
  • Em's stride was just a few shades below a stalk , so the dribble of people still leaving the school gave way to the irritated girl.
  • As seeds ripened during the course of the experiment, the inflorescences were harvested by clipping the main stalk of each flowering culm just below the lowermost panicle branch.
  • I chose someone who doesn't know me very well to tell her about me, and she made up a complete story about our meeting in a hot-air balloon and how I stalk people on Franklin Rd.
  • Feeding also may continue after emergence as wireworms tunnel into the lower stalk of corn plants.
  • Some deep-sea crinoids have a third body portion, the stalk .