diminuendo - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of diminuendo in Hindi

  • दिमिनुएन्दो

diminuendo Definition


  • a decrease in loudness.


  • (especially as a direction) with a decrease in loudness.


  • decreasing in loudness.


  • decrease in loudness or intensity.

diminuendo Example

  • the diminuendo chorus before the final tumult ( अंतिम ठहाके से पहले कम होने वाला कोरस )
  • In either case the two notes will typically be slurred and played with a diminuendo. ( किसी भी मामले में दो नोटों को आम तौर पर धीमा कर दिया जाएगा और एक डिमिनुएन्डो के साथ खेला जाएगा। )
  • Even in this, he misses the contribution of the diminuendo passages to the power of the climaxes. ( इसमें भी, वह चरमोत्कर्ष की शक्ति के लिए कम से कम अंशों के योगदान को याद करते हैं। )
  • Conclusion comes in a diminuendo where the piano accompanied by the harp slowly melts into silence in a long arpeggio. ( निष्कर्ष एक कम समय में आता है जहां वीणा के साथ पियानो धीरे-धीरे एक लंबे अर्पेगियो में मौन में पिघल जाता है। )

More Sentence

  • His first diminuendo also impresses in that his playing doesn't lose its heroic character, simply because he's gotten softer.  
  • A note of melancholy swelled to a crescendo, then, dissipated into the breeze with a diminuendo.  
  • Shaw has problems with shaping the final chorale, rushing both the climax and the closing diminuendo.  
  • These pulses eventually diminuendo with a lower frequency to a piano.
  • Many have seen Stravinsky's creative career as a protracted diminuendo.
  • His restless indications for dynamics produce an unending flow of crescendo and diminuendo.
  • "Dvorak writes on the last chord ` diminuendo, "'
  • The movement opens with a folk diminuendo for nearly one and a half minutes.
  • A wistful recollection of the melody from the preceding Larghetto appears and then diminuendos away.
  • Diminuendo turned into the straight before accelerating into the lead approaching the final quarter mile.
  • At York in August, only five fillies appeared to oppose Diminuendo in the Yorkshire Oaks.
  • :The full OED online has no verb " to diminuendo ", only the noun.
  • "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue " and " Reminiscing in Tempo ."
  • It's difficult to see diminuendo in a sentence .
  • As an alternative to using the mod wheel to move dynamics, you can use actual crescendo and diminuendo performances, mod wheel crossfading between the two when necessary.  
  • But soon, performing a visual diminuendo, they drift well astern, a distant nebula of glittering pinpoints at the planet's indistinguishable edge.  
  • You know, terms like staccato, crescendo, diminuendo, fortissimo to legato mezzo piano andante?  
  • These signs are vast and cover phrasing but also dynamics such as crescendo and diminuendo, descending glissandi, ritardandos, fermatas, accelerandos and much more.  
  • Such qualities as tension and relaxation, crescendo and diminuendo, accelerando and ritardando may be applied to emotions and interactions as well as to music.  
  • the piece ends as it began, a poem of sorrow and regret that dissolves diminuendo