silk - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of silk in Hindi

  • रेशम
  • सिल्क
  • पाट
  • रेशमी केड़ा
  • रेशमी
  • रेशम का

silk Definition


  • a fine, strong, soft lustrous fibre produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric. Silk is also spun by some insect larvae and by most spiders.

silk Example

  • his fur was soft and as smooth as silk ( उसका फर रेशम की तरह मुलायम और चिकना था )
  • The insulating material usually employed for covering magnet wire is of silk or cotton. ( आमतौर पर चुंबक तार को ढकने के लिए प्रयुक्त इन्सुलेट सामग्री रेशम या कपास की होती है। )  
  • A garland pattern in silk thread, with gold and silver embroideries at the corners. ( रेशम के धागे में एक माला पैटर्न, कोनों पर सोने और चांदी की कढ़ाई के साथ। )
  • Her sleeves are very large, and a wide sash of soft red silk is tied around her waist. ( उसकी बाँहें बहुत बड़ी हैं, और उसकी कमर के चारों ओर मुलायम लाल रेशम की चौड़ी पट्टी बंधी हुई है। )

More Sentence

  • I was often permitted to run little errands for my sisters: to match a silk or to post a letter.
  • He carried also a robe-like cloak upon his arm, lined with silk and amply tasselled.
  • She's the beautifullest-shaped lady that ever had a shinin' silk gown drawed over her shoulders.
  • His hair was long, and his hat, once a silk tile, was dented and yellowed by usage.
  • Coffee, rubber, pepper, chocolate and much silk are brought here from distant lands in ships.
  • In this the various adjacent turns are separated from each other by a fine thread of silk or cotton wound on beside the wire.
  • In the matter of heat-resisting properties the enameled wire possesses a great advantage over silk and cotton.
  • a frock of pale blue silk
  • The swagged curtains were beige slub silk, the sofas brown and cream, the walls aqua.  
  • Laces were typically made from flax, silk, metal wrapped silk and some cotton and wool.  
  • The woman, dressed in intricately patterns of fine silk, sat on the cushioned chair, and took the glass of wine the page had set before her.  
  • It was made of fine silk and sewn and embroidered with silver thread, tiny gems sewn at the wrist, neck, and hem of her skirts.  
  • She let her hand glide over the soft satin and silk wondering how it would feel against her skin.  
  • Clodia flourished a brand new dress made of the finest silk, dyed richly with a deep red, trimmed with gold and deep hues of orange.  
  • The materials are generally dominated by satin and thick silk with soft textures.  
  • Silk moth cocoons are made of a layer of silk that the caterpillar exudes from glands in its mouth.  
  • The deep green surcoat, woven of the finest silk, emphasized the splendor of his accouterments.  
  • Lance's dark hair was sleekly combed, his clothes made from soft silk, and he wore well-fitted slacks that appeared to be brand new.  
  • Her oyster silk basket-weave coat and chiffon dress proved a hit at the civil ceremony in Windsor Guildhall.  
  • A set of matching cotton, flannel, or silk pants and shirts are good selections.
  • a silk shirt