fancy dress - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of fancy dress in Hindi

  • फैंसी ड्रेस


  • बहुरूप पोशाक

fancy dress Definition


  • an unusual or amusing costume worn to make someone look like a famous person, fictional character, or an animal, especially as part of a theme at a party.

fancy dress Example

  • a fancy dress competition ( एक फैंसी ड्रेस प्रतियोगिता ) 
  • Hire costumes fancy dress costumes, browse through our hire quality fancy dress costumes. ( वेशभूषा फैंसी ड्रेस वेशभूषा किराए पर लें, हमारे किराए की गुणवत्ता वाली फैंसी ड्रेस वेशभूषा के माध्यम से ब्राउज़ करें। )
  • Halloween Fancy Dress costumes This year, we have a great new range of halloween costumes, which we are extremely proud of. ( हैलोवीन फैंसी ड्रेस पोशाक इस साल, हमारे पास हैलोवीन वेशभूषा की एक नई श्रृंखला है, जिस पर हमें बेहद गर्व है। ) 
  • Inexpensive simulators are as yet little more than psychometric tests in fancy dress. ( सस्ते सिमुलेटर फैंसी ड्रेस में साइकोमेट्रिक परीक्षणों की तुलना में अभी बहुत कम हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Seventies Fancy Dress Fancy Dress cowboy Browse through the fancy dress cowboy outfits on our website!
  • The winner of the fancy dress class was Jane Maitland from Drumcliffe with a rescue dog called Patches.  
  • Fun-loving landlord and landlady Ricky and Donna Salt donned fancy dress to really help the party go with a swing.  
  • A coffee morning at my house managed to raise 200 and we are doing a fancy dress pub crawl in Bury.  
  • Entrants wearing fancy dress took to the water in kayaks, dinghies, canoes and other water crafts to raise cash for charity.  
  • Many were in fancy dress and most of them were swinging rattles and shouting.
  • A wondrous display of fancy dress and masks were everywhere - the colors and glorious efforts made by everyone were truly delightful.
  • The girls turned out in fine form wearing all sorts of fancy dress from big pants to cowboy hats.
  • schoolchildren were in the procession in fancy dress