eyewash - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of eyewash in Hindi


  • बहाना
  • नेत्रधावन

eyewash Definition


  • cleansing solution for a person's eye.
  • insincere talk; nonsense.

eyewash Example

  • Demonstrator must know the location of the nearest eyewash. ( प्रदर्शनकर्ता को निकटतम आईवॉश का स्थान पता होना चाहिए। )  
  • Or are these guys just spouting eyewash that they have no real basis for believing?   ( या ये लोग सिर्फ दिखावा कर रहे हैं कि उनके पास विश्वास करने का कोई वास्तविक आधार नहीं है? )
  • In the past 18 years, there have been as many commissions, each one of them an eyewash. ( पिछले 18 वर्षों में, जितने आयोग हुए हैं, उनमें से प्रत्येक एक चश्मदीद है। )
  • Another lineup of tables offers eyewash, footpads, hand creams, aspirins and other health items. ( टेबल की एक और लाइनअप में आईवॉश, फ़ुटपैड, हैंड क्रीम, एस्पिरिन और अन्य स्वास्थ्य आइटम मिलते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • This medication can be used as daily eyewash to strengthen vision, counteract many eye defects and eliminate redness and soreness.  
  • I want to fill you in on a few of the details so you won't think this is the usual election year eyewash.  
  • He said most of my theory is eyewash.
  • He pretends to be busy, but it's all eyewash.
  • A medicinal lotion applied to the eye; eyewash.
  • When you keep skinned, you'll find it to be a counterfeit eyewash.
  • When you keep your eyes skinned , you'll find it to be a counterfeit eyewash.
  • They were right there, got the eyewash out, and got me cleaned up and on my way.  
  • They assumed that this inquiry would be an eyewash and they would be let go scot free.  
  • Official claims that the majority of Turks are well integrated here are pure eyewash.  
  • Ardent bikers feel that all the action in the two-wheeler market is only an eyewash
  • Homeopathic practice usually does not use topical ointments or drops but does recommend using an antibacterial eyewash made from five drops of tincture of goldenseal in a cup of warm water.