extempore - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of extempore in Hindi

  • अचिंतित
  • आशु
  • बिना तैयारी के
  • समयस्फूर्त
  • अविचारित


  • अचिंतित


  • अचिंतित करके

extempore Definition


  • spoken or done without preparation.


  • without preparation.

extempore Example

  • he recited the poem extempore ( उन्होंने कविता का पाठ किया )
  • He was a great extempore preacher and exposed to the peril of the unconsidered "telling" phrase. ( वह एक महान पूर्व-प्रचारक थे और बिना सोचे-समझे "बताने वाले" वाक्यांश के जोखिम के संपर्क में थे। )
  • But though painfully conscious how much his reputation as a writer was damaged by this extempore production, he was unable to resist the fatal facility of print. ( लेकिन हालांकि दर्द से सचेत थे कि एक लेखक के रूप में उनकी प्रतिष्ठा को इस असाधारण उत्पादन से कितना नुकसान हुआ, वे प्रिंट की घातक सुविधा का विरोध करने में असमर्थ थे। )
  • He gave instruction in the form of continuous lectures delivered extempore from brief notes. ( उन्होंने संक्षिप्त नोट्स से निरंतर व्याख्यान के रूप में निर्देश दिया। )

More Sentence

  • The prophets not only consoled and exhorted by the recital of what God had done and by predictions of the future, but they uttered extempore thanksgivings in the congregational assemblies, and delivered special directions, which might extend to the most minute details, as, for example, the disposal of the church funds.
  • On the 19th he opened parliament in a speech which, as he explained, he had to deliver extempore owing to "the treachery" of his secretary.
  • In Mrs John Mills's life of her husband is an account of John Bright's first extempore speech.
  • Extempore Speech Competition " in Bengali and English respectively.
  • Teonge includes several extempore verses and songs of his own.
  • Bryan was very ready in controversy, and occasionally an extempore preacher.
  • He sired the Derby winners Preserve, Barcarolle and Extempore.
  • The Extempore speech event was also added that year.
  • To play extempore to a ground is the highest perfection of it ".
  • Unlike many sophists, Aristides disliked speaking extempore.
  • Sonia's apology for Operation Bluestar was probably extempore, obviously without any authorisation.
  • Anglicanism was a limb of Antichrist; extempore prayers were regarded as inspired: a liturgy was " a Mass-book."
  • According to Alcidamas, the highest aim of the orator was the power of speaking extempore on every conceivable subject.
  • At morning worship the service consists of a litany, scripture lessons, sermon, singing, extempore prayer.
  • But, generally speaking, there was no heart in preaching, sermons were unimpassioned, stilted and formal presentations of ethics and apologetics, seldom delivered extempore.
  • an extempore speech