explanation - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of explanation in Hindi

  • व्याख्या
  • स्पष्टीकरण
  • विवरण
  • जवाब-तलबी
  • खुलासा


  • व्याख्या
  • अर्थ
  • समझाना
  • सफ़ाई
  • निस्र्पण
  • निरूपण

explanation Definition


  • a statement or account that makes something clear.

explanation Example

  • the birth rate is central to any explanation of population trends ( जनसंख्या प्रवृत्तियों के किसी भी स्पष्टीकरण के लिए जन्म दर केंद्रीय है )
  • my application was rejected without explanation ( मेरा आवेदन स्पष्टीकरण के बिना खारिज कर दिया गया था )
  • He gave no explanation and headed toward her bedroom. ( उसने कोई स्पष्टीकरण नहीं दिया और अपने शयनकक्ष की ओर चल दिया। )
  • His only explanation was that he liked being alone. ( उनका एकमात्र स्पष्टीकरण यह था कि उन्हें अकेले रहना पसंद था। )

More Sentence

  • She waited for an explanation, but he rode on in silence.
  • He would be expecting some explanation for her request, but what?
  • This fluctuation finds a parallel in the age at which the Levites were to serve; for neither has any reasonable explanation been found on the traditional view.
  • I couldn't come up with an explanation that would keep him from notifying the police.
  • His explanation sounds all right.
  • He gave us an intelligible explanation.
  • There is no rational explanation for his actions.
  • I'm sure there's a logical explanation for all this.
  • You will find the explanation in the encyclopedia.
  • She could find no plausible explanation for its disappearance.
  • Her explanation is not implausible.
  • Do you really regard that explanation as sufficient?
  • There was probably an innocent explanation for the scene at the building.
  • He waited for an explanation, but she had said all she was going to say on the subject.
  • Kris gave no explanation, simply strode into the shadow world.
  • Without that degree of mental development and activity which perceives the necessity of superhuman creative power, no explanation of natural phenomena is possible.
  • Freud tried to make sex the explanation for everything