disposable - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of disposable in Hindi

  • डिस्पोजेबल


  • सौंपने योग्य
  • देने योग्य
  • सुलभ
  • प्राप्य
  • बेचने योग्य
  • विक्रय
  • त्याज्य
  • छोड़ने योग्य
  • पीछा छुड़ाने योग्‍य

disposable Definition


  • (of an article) intended to be used once, or until no longer useful, and then thrown away.
  • (chiefly of financial assets) readily available for the owner's use as required.


  • an article designed to be thrown away after use.

disposable Example

  • Disposable diapers ( एक प्रयोग के बाद फेंके जाने वाले लंगोट )
  • He made a mental inventory of his disposable assets ( उन्होंने अपनी डिस्पोजेबल संपत्तियों की मानसिक सूची बनाई )
  • She held up a disposable camera. ( उसने एक डिस्पोजेबल कैमरा रखा। )
  • Diapers weren't called "cloth diapers" until disposable ones came out. ( डायपर को "कपड़ा डायपर" नहीं कहा जाता था जब तक कि डिस्पोजेबल वाले बाहर नहीं आते। )

More Sentence

  • Carmen pitched the disposable diaper in the trash and hefted Destiny from the changing table.
  • We also bought some disposable bowls.
  • I'm not disposable, Xander.
  • The filters have disposable cartridges that should be replaced every year.
  • She expects the new dress code will increase her disposable income.
  • People brought food, but it often arrived on disposable dishes.
  • And what about the dilemma of disposable vs . cloth diapers?
  • Nonwovens are the material used in disposable diapers and surgical gowns.
  • Pour both cans of corn into large disposable aluminum roasting pan.
  • "It's truly a disposable workforce,"
  • Use disposable towels to wipe up raw meat or poultry juices.
  • But they will not be as disposable as the regular pucks.
  • It's difficult to see disposable in a sentence .
  • As he takes N to be strictly the same for all elements the equation has only three disposable constants A, a and b.
  • If anyone could trace a disposable phone, they could.
  • Interesting. You don't realize you're disposable to me.
  • He was standing in front of the mirror in his jeans and an athletic undershirt, shaving with a disposable razor.
  • Xander made love to her like she was the only one in his world of disposable girls.
  • The poor performer is motivated by the fear that he or she is highly disposable
  • A disposable razor