one day - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of one day in Hindi

  • एक दिन
  • एक रोज़

one day Definition

  • at a particular but unspecified time in the past.
  • at a particular but unspecified time in the future.

one day Example

  • Langworth sent for me one day. ( लैंगवर्थ ने एक दिन मेरे लिए भेजा। )
  • Being first in line one day meant being last in line the next. ( एक दिन पहली पंक्ति में होने का मतलब अगले दिन पंक्ति में अंतिम होना था। )
  • He simply went into town one day and never returned. ( वह बस एक दिन शहर गया और फिर कभी नहीं लौटा। )
  • It'll get old for you one day. ( यह एक दिन आपके लिए बूढ़ा हो जाएगा। )

More Sentence

  • There might one day be a way to win her soul back.
  • Of course, why would a Mormon propose to two women in one day?
  • Physiology may one day very likely assist the systematist; but it must be real physiology and not a sham.
  • She couldn't have one day without some sort of surprise or other?
  • Maybe one day they'll rub off on you, help you get a decent man.
  • You wake up one day and find he.s turned from child to man overnight.
  • I assume one day it hatches.
  • Greg dropped it one day.
  • But I did score a goal on Arturs Irbe one day.
  • And he fully intends to experience a new sport one day.
  • One day our office phones quit working for about an hour.
  • There were 11 generals on base one day alone last week.
  • One day I came in and she had all her chicks.
  • She even envisions opening discount convenience stores in America one day.
  • I recall an Israeli baker I met one day in Jerusalem.
  • One day his wife showed him a photo from an abortion.
  • It's difficult to see one day in a sentence .
  • They warned that one day these steps could haunt American minorities.
  • I asked my husband casually at breakfast one day last week.
  • We have heard rumors that we might one day get benefits,
  • One day in practice Joe completed a pass into a crowd.
  • We asked Steve to come in and see us one day.
  • I wish everything we practice for one day would pay off.
  • She even hoped that she might one day replace Hillary Clinton.
  • We are now two weeks and one day into this operation,
  • And at last one day she did.