dishonor - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dishonor in Hindi

  • अपमान
  • अनादर
  • निरादर
  • अस्वीकृत
  • तिरस्कार
  • बदनामी
  • बेक़द्री
  • नकारना


  • बदनामी करना
  • अपमान करना
  • अनादर करना
  • तिरस्कार करना
  • अस्वीकृत करना
  • बेइज़्ज़ती करना

dishonor Definition


  • a state of shame or disgrace.


  • bring shame or disgrace on.
  • fail to observe or respect (an agreement or principle).

dishonor Example

  • The community has its own principles it can itself honor or dishonor ( समुदाय के अपने सिद्धांत होते हैं जिनका वह स्वयं सम्मान या अनादर कर सकता है )
  • They will not dishonor you or me by doing anything without coming to me first. ( वे मेरे पास पहले आए बिना कुछ भी करके तुम्हारा या मेरा अपमान नहीं करेंगे। )
  • We can do right for all the wrong reasons and, in so doing, bring dishonor to the name of our Lord. ( हम सभी गलत कारणों से सही कर सकते हैं और ऐसा करने से हमारे भगवान के नाम का अपमान हो सकता है। )
  • In a house, there are both vessels of honor and dishonor. ( घर में मान-अपमान दोनों के पात्र होते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • It is no dishonor for finite not to contend with infinite.
  • Except, even he wouldn’t stoop to that level of dishonor.
  • You have let dishonor come on me, and mourning on yourself.
  • No, because it would have reflected dishonor on the Roumin name.
  • But just because, well, it had brought dishonor onto the family.
  • Ah! let us proclaim these absolute truths; let us dishonor war!'.
  • If fair and impartial criticism were a dishonor, then we would refrain.
  • Stealing, dishonor, disobedience, two or three sins in a single stroke.
  • If the gentleman can show that the price will continue, and that we can traffic without dishonor, then, sir, would I cordially join hands with him to take off the embargo.
  • It is written again, ‘Bear circumspectly and gladly dishonor that cometh upon thee by no act of thine own, be not confounded and hate not him who hath dishonored thee.
  • Mark 2:27, 2Corinthians 12:10 And as we honor God by helping our brother on the Sabbath, we need to remember that we are not to dishonor God to help our brother on any day.
  • I mean that the wife of the first magistrate in the capital shall not, by her infamy, soil an unblemished name; that she shall not, with one blow, dishonor her husband and her child.
  • For the dishonor which such men bring upon pharmacy, and for the irreparable injury which they inflict upon suffering humanity I should like to give them several years of penal servitude.
  • Wave back that woman! Cast off this child! All shall be well! Do not blacken your fame, and perish in dishonor! I can yet save you! Would you bring infamy on your sacred profession?
  • She said her intuition told her that Myra would not only fail, but would bring shame and dishonor which would eventually result in the destruction and downfall of the twelfth Padigm on Zorzorsta.
  • You’re not going to dishonor them by continuing to behave in this way.
  • We have a badge of dishonor right in front of us, showing who WE really are.
  • Live in Asia, you leave with nothing and problems of hate, trying to dishonor.
  • To wish to forget does more dishonor to the dead than mocking the event.
  • They were happy to have been considered worthy to suffer dishonor for speaking about Jesus.
  • It would be particularly pleasant to him to dishonor my name and ridicule me, just because I have exerted myself on his behalf, befriended him, and helped him.
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  • Tho thou lay it down with great dishonor, thou shalt receive it in glory.
  • They have brought dishonor upon our family