disappear - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of disappear in Hindi

  • गायब होना
  • मिटना
  • ग़ायब होना
  • मिट जाना
  • नष्ट होना
  • गुमना
  • छिपना
  • लुप्त हो जाना
  • हाज़िर न रहना
  • तिरोभूत होना
  • अदृश्य हो जाना
  • अन्तर्धान होना
  • लोप होना

disappear Definition


  • cease to be visible.

disappear Example

  • He watched the wolf disappear into the tall grass. ( उसने देखा कि भेड़िया लंबी घास में गायब हो गया है। )
  • She watched his car disappear down the road and shook her head. ( उसने देखा कि उसकी कार सड़क से गायब हो गई और उसने अपना सिर हिला दिया। )
  • They will simply disappear from daily use. ( वे बस दैनिक उपयोग से गायब हो जाएंगे। )
  • You can't disappear into the immortal world. ( आप अमर दुनिया में गायब नहीं हो सकते। )
  • "Well, where did you disappear to?" inquired Denisov. ( "अच्छा, तुम कहाँ गायब हो गए?" डेनिसोव से पूछा। )

More Sentence

  • He left at last, and she waited for him to disappear from sight before jogging to the conference room.
  • Until then I doubt the custom will disappear.
  • The human species is going to disappear!.
  • Darek watched Sorren disappear into the trees.
  • The terrified soldier made haste to disappear.
  • Unless he resists and we have to disappear him.
  • It was never my intent to escape and disappear.
  • One by one, the dogs disappear into the flames.
  • The eyes in the clouds disappear except one pair.
  • Nameless shapes turned to disappear into their.
  • Shortly afterwards Sam saw the torches disappear.
  • They are prominent during cell-division, but many disappear in.
  • There was a slim chance they might've succeeded in making him disappear as well, had he been there.
  • The teenage boys have such big appetites that the food seems to disappear as soon as their mother brings it into the house.  
  • It was strange how the missing woman seemed to disappear without a trace.  
  • High prices and rude waitresses made the café’s customers disappear little by little.  
  • Because it works so well, I buy spot remover to help tough stains disappear for good.  
  • When this stage is reached the invading tubes and their ramifications frequently disappear, leaving the cells full of the bacterioids, as they have been called.
  • Part of her was convinced this was another dream, and Rhyn would disappear all too soon.