dimensional - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dimensional in Hindi

  • आकार
  • आयाम विषयक
  • लंबाई चौड़ाई या विस्‍तार संबंधी

dimensional Definition


  • elating to measurements or dimensions.
  • having sufficient depth and substance to be believable.

dimensional Example

  • Technicians check dimensional accuracy using coordinate measuring machines ( समन्वय मापने वाली मशीनों का उपयोग करके तकनीशियन आयामी सटीकता की जांच करते हैं )
  • A brief reference must suffice to the theory of three dimensional frames. ( त्रि-आयामी फ्रेम के सिद्धांत के लिए एक संक्षिप्त संदर्भ पर्याप्त होना चाहिए। )
  • dimensional tolerances. ( आयामी सहिष्णुता। )
  • eigenvalues of finite dimensional unitary operators of natural quantum mechanical systems. ( प्राकृतिक क्वांटम यांत्रिक प्रणालियों के परिमित आयामी एकात्मक ऑपरेटरों के eigenvalues। )

More Sentence

  • When designing the dimensional aspects of the building, the engineer made sure to consider both length and height.  
  • The three-dimensional object is a much longer than it is wide.  
  • While trying to decide if the gift would fit inside of the bag, the partygoer had to look at the dimensional aspects of the box.
  • They are (low dimensional) groups which act as isometries on hyperbolic 3-space and generalize the Fuchsian groups in a natural way.
  • The classical statistical methods are not applicable to Microarray data since the data is very high dimensional with very few replications.
  • Jed, pitted against a religiously fanatical backdrop appears two dimensional.
  • The human body is a very complicated three-dimensional form.
  • "It's like a two-dimensional world.
  • "Now I'm three-dimensional ."
  • Fielder has been stereotyped as a one-dimensional baseball Bunyon.
  • It's difficult to see dimensional in a sentence .
  • It also leaves the garden looking a little two-dimensional.
  • She was a one-dimensional, 3-point shooter.
  • But nothing is ever one-dimensional with Ms . Sui.
  • Heroes can be one-dimensional and tend to be boring.
  • Closed die forgings have good dimensional accuracy, with improved mechanical properties compared to open die forgings.
  • Thus one can not localize the entropy on the horizon, which is just like the axis in ordinary three dimensional space.
  • The research will focus on the analysis of infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems in continuum mechanics.
  • Temperature What is the reference temperature for dimensional metrology?
  • well-rounded, fully dimensional characters