deportation - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of deportation in Hindi

  • निर्वासन
  • देशान्तरण
  • देश-निकाला
  • विवासन
  • विवासित
  • देशनिकाला

deportation Definition


  • the action of deporting a foreigner from a country.

deportation Example

  • Asylum seekers facing deportation ( निर्वासन का सामना कर रहे शरण चाहने वाले )
  • He was accused of complicity in an obscure attempt (1857) against the life of Napoleon III., and condemned in his absence to deportation. ( उन पर नेपोलियन III के जीवन के खिलाफ एक अस्पष्ट प्रयास (1857) में मिलीभगत का आरोप लगाया गया था, और उनकी अनुपस्थिति में निर्वासन की निंदा की गई थी। )
  • The punishment for exceeding the prices fixed was death or deportation. ( निर्धारित कीमतों से अधिक की सजा मृत्यु या निर्वासन थी। )
  • In April, 1948, President Truman granted executive clemency to Dasch and Burger on condition of deportation. ( अप्रैल 1948 में, राष्ट्रपति ट्रूमैन ने निर्वासन की शर्त पर डैश और बर्गर को कार्यकारी क्षमादान दिया। )

More Sentence

  • considered for deportation.
  • Due to the father’s criminal behavior, his whole family faced deportation to Brazil.  
  • The president believes in the deportation of all undocumented aliens living in the country.  
  • To cause fear for the immigrants, the mayor threatened deportation.  
  • People have endured deportation throughout history usually during war or based on societal issues.  
  • It seemed unfair that Laila had to leave due to her mother’s deportation.  
  • deportation of Iraqi Kurds from the UK took place on 19 November, 2005.
  • Memories, Dreams And Dementia: Deepak Chopra And Dr. Gary Small Answer Social Media Questions
  • deportation of refugees including rape and torture victims, has increased, now at 1,350 a month.
  • Those children fear deportation because they are still without green cards.
  • There is no reason to fear large scale or immediate deportations.
  • Undocumented immigrants will be held in federal detention while awaiting deportation.
  • Saleh was not freed Tuesday because he now faces deportation proceedings.
  • The German government has since said it will streamline deportation procedures.
  • The INS said they all were illegal immigrants subject to deportation.
  • deportation of foreign prisoners.
  • Hundreds more are in removal centers, awaiting deportation.
  • They are facing deportation to Germany from where they will be returned to Kosovo.
  • His decision was carefully worded and focused on the legality of forcible deportation
  • a deportation order