indistinct - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of indistinct in Hindi


  • अस्पष्ट
  • अव्यक्त

indistinct Definition


  • not clear or sharply defined.

indistinct Example

  • His speech was slurred and indistinct ( उनका भाषण धुंधला और अस्पष्ट था )
  • After having a stroke, the patient’s slurred speech was indistinct and could barely be understood. ( स्ट्रोक होने के बाद, रोगी की गंदी बोली अस्पष्ट थी और उसे मुश्किल से समझा जा सकता था। )
  • Stacy was so young when her father died, all she has of him are indistinct memories that are too vague to be shared. ( स्टेसी बहुत छोटी थी जब उसके पिता की मृत्यु हो गई, उसके पास उसके पास जो कुछ भी है वह अस्पष्ट यादें हैं जो साझा करने के लिए बहुत अस्पष्ट हैं। )
  • When she came close and looked in she beheld indistinct forms. ( जब उसने पास आकर देखा तो उसने अस्पष्ट रूप देखे। )
  • More like on the indistinct border of extreme blond and white. ( अत्यधिक गोरा और सफेद रंग की अस्पष्ट सीमा पर अधिक पसंद है। )

More Sentence

  • Nothing but indistinct shouting and the crackle of handheld radios.
  • Others gathered around her, indistinct figures in pajamas and suits.
  • Good lineage, he replied with a slight, almost indistinct nod.
  • I had only an indistinct understanding of what was passing around me.
  • First, I hear them murmuring in the distance, an indistinct hum that.
  • As they approached the Roney place, looking dim and indistinct in the.
  • His foreign policy is indistinct but, where discernible, traditional.
  • Albanese's lack of campaign funds reinforces his indistinct image.
  • It all appeared indistinct, the traffic and people and buildings.
  • Instead, you'll see a small, indistinct globe.
  • Nobody says Bush has an indistinct image, " Cimbala said.
  • The green speculum has an indistinct cinnamon-buff inner border.
  • This instrument could transmit continuous musical tones but produced indistinct speech.
  • It is entirely dark except for an indistinct pale throat patch.
  • Compared with some other armadillo species, the bands are indistinct.
  • The limit of the Allg鋟 Alps in the north is indistinct.
  • Ann was at last awakened to the pitch of an indistinct enquiry what was the matter.
  • There is no excuse whatever for our singers remaining so indistinct in their singing.
  • How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!
  • The third dream installment had to do with something very indistinct but horribly terrifying.
  • The two hours which followed seem to me now but the indistinct space of a few minutes.
  • Horse and rider rapidly grew indistinct and vanished over the edge of the hollow.
  • The blotches are most distinct in small tadpoles and sometimes indistinct in large ones.
  • These people have indistinct notions about a deity, but they render him no homage.
  • It's difficult to see indistinct in a sentence .
  • Although the pattern is complete, the maculation is usually indistinct.
  • The hindwing is greyish brown, with an indistinct discal spot.
  • The hindwing is light grey, with an indistinct discal spot.
  • Indistinct at first, the voices became clearer as they neared the cave.
  • No wonder, then, that his work too is an indistinct expression of truth.
  • Malins could be heard saying to her neighbour in an indistinct undertone:.
  • The voices continued in a dull, indistinct reverberation in the background.
  • The police saw a murky grey shadow running through the alleyway next to the crime scene, but couldn’t make out the indistinct figure.