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Meaning of decently in Hindi

  • सभ्यता से
  • शिष्टता से
  • यथोचित

decently Definition


  • in a way that conforms with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior.
  • to an acceptable or comfortable standard; satisfactorily.

decently Example

  • customers were treated decently ( ग्राहकों के साथ अच्छा व्यवहार किया गया )
  • they would like to be decently paid for the work they do ( वे चाहते हैं कि उनके द्वारा किए गए काम के लिए उन्हें उचित रूप से भुगतान किया जाए )
  • But had she refused to dress ' decently ' for court, she would have been forced to do so. ( लेकिन अगर उसने अदालत के लिए 'सभ्य' कपड़े पहनने से इनकार कर दिया होता, तो उसे ऐसा करने के लिए मजबूर होना पड़ता। )
  • One doesn't run to lawyers if he wants to stay in business because one must behave decently. ( यदि वह व्यवसाय में बने रहना चाहता है तो वकीलों के पास नहीं भागता क्योंकि उसे शालीनता से व्यवहार करना चाहिए। )

More Sentence

  • A moral theory of the decently encumbered self should be enough.
  • This created a new problem of decently rehousing the thousands of people at high densities on cramped sites.
  • Under these conditions of stationariness, the rebels have behaved unusually decently. 31.
  • In addition, poverty alleviation must be driven by the creation of stable and decently remunerated employment opportunities in both rural and urban areas.
  • For patterns, the equivalence classes are decently small, but forcing gives only a partial ordering which is difficult to investigate.
  • If men who have served the industry well are never to work again, it is right that they should be treated decently.
  • I think there is some reasonable medium between a decently-constructed modern building and this somewhat inadequate place where we are now.
  • Encouraged and taught to work, he soon sees the advantage of earning money, lives better, becomes more intelligent, and dresses himself more decently.
  • It was very difficult to dress decently on the allowances given then.
  • Special rooms, which are decently furnished, are available in the prisons.
  • he batted decently but not spectacularly
  • the interior is decently furnished
  • the chances of getting enough cash to live decently are poor
  • the thriller was decently received by reviewers
  • she must dress decently and not flash too much flesh
  • parents can teach their children how to behave decently
  • a decently priced restaurant
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