ethyl alcohol - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of ethyl alcohol in Hindi

  • एथिल अल्कोहोल

ethyl alcohol Definition


  • another term for ethanol.

ethyl alcohol Example

  • In that sense, ethyl alcohol in the wine acts similarly to a solvent. ( उस अर्थ में, शराब में एथिल अल्कोहल एक विलायक के समान कार्य करता है। )
  • Its propellants were of liquid oxygen and of diluted ethyl alcohol. ( इसके प्रणोदक तरल ऑक्सीजन और पतला एथिल अल्कोहल के थे। )
  • The "'Wayson stain "'is a basic fuchsin-methylene blue, ethyl alcohol-phenol microscopic staining procedure. ( "'वेसन स्टेन'' एक बुनियादी फुकसिन-मेथिलीन नीला, एथिल अल्कोहल-फिनोल सूक्ष्म धुंधला प्रक्रिया है। )

More Sentence

  • A heat exchanger was used to cool the oil by boiling ethyl alcohol.
  • The Mercury-Redstone designers rejected hydyne and returned to the standard ethyl alcohol fuel.
  • Ethyl alcohol is not the only compound the scientists have found in G34.3.
  • The deal was very beneficial, as methanol was much cheaper than real ethyl alcohol.
  • It is formed from nickel bromide and tetra-" n "-butylammonium bromide in ethyl alcohol.
  • The mixture will become rose colored upon addition of a small quantity of ethyl alcohol.
  • Ethyl alcohol is sometimes added to the slurry mixture to help dry out excess water.
  • It's difficult to see ethyl alcohol in a sentence .