cooker - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of cooker in Hindi

  • कुकर
  • रसोई बनाने का साधन

cooker Definition


  • an appliance used for cooking food, typically consisting of an oven, hob, and grill and powered by gas or electricity.
  • an apple or other fruit that is more suitable for cooking than for eating raw.

cooker Example

  • The cooker has several temperature settings. ( कुकर में कई तापमान सेटिंग्स होती हैं। )
  • I can't get the cooker to light. ( मुझे कुकर की रोशनी नहीं मिल रही है। )
  • The cooker won't fit in/into your new kitchen. ( कुकर आपके नए किचन में फिट नहीं होगा। )
  • Set the timer on the cooker for three minutes. ( तीन मिनट के लिए कुकर पर टाइमर सेट करें। )

More Sentence

  • The cooker is green, to co-ordinate with the kitchen.
  • Clean the area round the cooker.
  • Give the cooker a good clean.
  • The slow cooker is very useful for people who go out all day.
  • The timer on the cooker started to bleep.
  • The saucepan on the cooker puffed little jets of steam.
  • The cooker isn’t working because of an electrical fault.
  • Where does the cooker connect with the gas-pipe?
  • We’ve installed an extinguisher next to the cooker in case there is ever a fire.
  • We had no fridge, cooker, cutlery or crockery.
  • Where does the cooker connect to the electricity?
  • The cooker has several temperature settings.
  • He fitted my new cooker.
  • The cooker is giving off a funny smell.
  • The kettle was singing on the cooker.
  • We heated the soup on the cooker.
  • Today, the cooker needs a whistle to release the pressure.
  • The pressure cooker works by sealing in the air and liquids.
  • It had a range solid fuel cooker that also heated the place.
  • Granny and Little Red Gangsta both looked over at the cooker.
  • I had a sort of little kitchenette with an electric cooker.
  • She dug in the kitchen cabinets and found her pressure cooker.
  • Seko went over to the gas cooker and turned the switch; a flame.
  • Intense heat created inside the cooker helps to cook food quickly.
  • There’s also a kettle and a cooker, although that’ll need some.
  • Is your cooker gas or electric?
  • We're buying a new cooker on hire purchase.
  • The knife has gone behind the cooker.
  • Mum has just won a microwave cooker.
  • We've installed an extinguisher next to the cooker in case there is ever a fire.