bund - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bund in Hindi

  • बांध
  • बंध
  • मेंड

bund Definition

  • an association, especially a political one. ( एक एसोसिएशन, विशेष रूप से एक राजनीतिक एक। )
  • an embankment or causeway. ( एक तटबंध या कारण मार्ग। )

bund Example

  • The oil, as well as other debris and rubbish, is currently contained by a bund across the river, at Church Street weir, which stops it from reaching the River Thames. ( तेल, साथ ही अन्य मलबे और बकवास, वर्तमान में नदी के पार एक बंडल में चर्च स्ट्रीट वियर में निहित है, जो इसे टेम्स नदी तक पहुंचने से रोकता है। )
  • The VIP convoy halted at some distance away from the lake bund where the residents had gathered. ( वीआईपी काफिला झील के बांध से कुछ दूरी पर रुक गया, जहां निवासी एकत्र हुए थे। )
  • Hopefully we can all catch up through another bund gathering!! ( उम्मीद है कि हम सभी एक और बंडल सभा के माध्यम से पकड़ सकते हैं !! )
  • There were volunteers there to help de-silt the reservoir and raise the bund of the check dam; and artists to be part of an art camp. ( जलाशय को डी-सिल्ट करने और चेक डैम के बंडल को ऊपर उठाने में मदद करने के लिए वहां स्वयंसेवक थे; और कलाकार एक कला शिविर का हिस्सा बनने के लिए। )
  • "Subversive organization" means every corporation, society, association, camp, group, bund , political party, assembly, body or organization which advocates or practices the duty or necessity of conducting, seizing or overthrowing the government of the United States, of this State or of any political subdivision thereof. ( "विध्वंसक संगठन" का अर्थ प्रत्येक निगम, समाज, संघ, शिविर, समूह, बंड, राजनीतिक दल, सभा, निकाय या संगठन है जो इस राज्य के संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका की सरकार को संचालित करने, जब्त करने या उखाड़ने के कर्तव्य या आवश्यकता की वकालत या अभ्यास करता है। या किसी भी राजनीतिक उपखंड के तत्संबंधी। )

More Sentence

  • Firefighters quickly blocked the drains to stop the flammable cargo leaking into the sewer and put down a bund to contain the diesel.
  • This design created a lagoon between the bund and the island.
  • I too am distressed at the construction of a bund to prevent the long-standing annual visits by Romany families to an Ilkley riverside location.
  • To prevent the water from the Busrah River from flooding the many establishments of the base, a huge bund or dam has been built south and southeast of the town.
  • Solutions suggested for the sports field include redirecting a drain under Mill Yard to Mill Race and putting a bund around the field.
  • Later, we will fence the lake area, develop the bund , make jogging tracks, construct an auditorium, and provide boating facility, but of course, all this will be done in stages.
  • A bund is a union, group or gathering.
  • A pipe from the tank led to a drum which was outside the spillage bund round the tank.
  • He stressed that plans were also in place to create bunds , or embankments, to contain the stockpiles, although covering them was impractical for operational reasons.
  • During heavy monsoon downpours, the bunds naturally breached causing silt formation in tanks.
  • On pages 110 and 111, Carlson highlights a Bund meeting at which those in attendance viewed newsreel footage of Nazi conquests.
  • Temporary bunds on nullahs, rivulets or small rivers erected by using empty cement bags, popularly known as Vanarai Bunds, have proved most effective.
  • Active in politics and labor activities, they sponsored bunds , theaters, newspapers, and discussions clubs.
  • An association of German immigrants to America, the Bund had a definite pro-Nazi slant.
  • The local administration has tried to solve this problem by raising the level of the bunds along the river.
  • As the Bund 's political power grew, it reached a central position in Jewish cultural life.
  • Concrete bunds turn the water sterile and leave no room for natural, vegetated spawning banks.
  • The couple are accused of failure to remove the waste from the land in breach of an enforcement notice, and failure to remove unauthorised engineering works, namely bunds , from the land in breach of an enforcement notice.
  • My older brothers and I liked going to the Bund because of the nice people who belonged, rather than for the Bund's political activities.
  • Thirty-one detailed points of concern have been raised by the Bord in respect to peat excavation and its containment in repository bunds .
  • But by 1935, the Bund had made almost no impact on German-Americans.
  • Other rubble serves to repair roads and shore-up retaining bunds along the shore.
  • Previously, the developers had planned to deposit the peat in bunds on the hillside site - a proposal which caused concern that it would not be stable.
  • Mining often is carried out underwater and one could avoid the water by building bunds and so on.