colonize - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of colonize in Hindi

  • उपनिवेश
  • उपनिवेश स्थापित करना
  • उपनिवेश स्थापित बनाना
  • उपनिवेश बनाना
  • बसाना
  • आबाद करना
  • बस्ती बसाना

colonize Definition


  • (of a country or its citizens) send a group of settlers to (a place) and establish political control over it.

colonize Example

  • mussels can colonize even the most inhospitable rock surfaces. ( मसल्स सबसे दुर्गम चट्टान की सतह को भी उपनिवेशित कर सकते हैं। )
  • The Korean Peninsula was colonized by Japan from 1910 to 1945. ( कोरियाई प्रायद्वीप 1910 से 1945 तक जापान द्वारा उपनिवेशित किया गया था। )
  • If America tries to colonize us, we will resist it, ( अगर अमेरिका हमें उपनिवेश बनाने की कोशिश करता है, तो हम उसका विरोध करेंगे, )
  • They will try to colonize us, whether physically or mentally. ( वे हमें शारीरिक रूप से या मानसिक रूप से उपनिवेश बनाने की कोशिश करेंगे। )

More Sentence

  • One of the places in which both types of bacteria colonize is the intestines.
  • Wound botulism occurs when Clostridia colonize an infected wound and produce botulinum toxin.
  • Foster and Smith - claims to colonize your water with the necessary.
  • Why did aboriginal Africans never colonize the Veldt? It had more animals.
  • She was especially interested in planets he had visited or helped colonize.
  • In science fiction, space colonization occurs when humans find an uninhabited planet that is suitable for their needs and begin to establish it.
  • One reason it had been so easy for the Spaniards to colonize the American.
  • We're not colonized or oppressed by France ."
  • Pioneers who came to colonize an alien planet have mysteriously disappeared.
  • The Western countries were colonizing Asia and subjecting people to slavery.
  • The Vikings of Scandinavia were raiders and pillagers who carried out large-scale colonization in parts of Europe, establishing colonies and trade.  
  • Just what do the Normans owe the Saxons for colonizing Angleland?
  • The Seminoles did not exist when Europeans colonized the United States.
  • The colonized had their 90 minutes of revenge over the colonials.
  • The government commissions a hunt for another planet suitable for colonizing.
  • The Mayans also came here to colonize, and they did interact with Egyptians.
  • Holden said he almost never sees bees outside of colonized hives.
  • In the 19th century, it was colonized as Portuguese Guinea.
  • Under United Nations authority, humankind has colonized every religious themes.
  • There: Hitler wanted to exterminate the Bolsheviks and empty the land of the peasants so Germans could colonize it.
  • Why didn’t modern humans colonize Europe first? The reason we did not colonize Europe first is that we are tectonic animals.
  • The attempts of Science to colonize Mars or our moon are worse than a waste of money and energy: they’re a waste of focus and a crime.
  • To think they could have simply allowed us to colonize their country, and we could have offered them freedom just as we did the people of Tartian.
  • The idea that Europe could colonize the entire world: in spite of the fact that billions of people whose homelands they invaded did not want to be colonized….
  • He colonized Siberia with scores of new settlements, including Tobolsk.
  • The Taiwanese emerged as a frequently colonized and often oppressed people.