chase - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chase in Hindi


  • पीछा
  • शिकार
  • अनुसरण
  • आखेट
  • खेदा


  • पीछा करना
  • आखेट करना
  • शिकार खेलना
  • शिकार करना
  • शीकार
  • बगीचा
  • बन्दुक क कुन्दा
  • खुला

chase Definition


  • engrave (metal, or a design on metal). ( उत्कीर्णन (धातु, या धातु पर एक डिजाइन)। )
  • pursue in order to catch or catch up with. ( पीछा करने या पकड़ने के लिए पीछा करना। )
  • try to make contact with (someone) in order to get something owed or required. ( किसी चीज या आवश्यकता को पाने के लिए (किसी से) संपर्क बनाने की कोशिश करें। )


  • an act of pursuing someone or something. ( किसी का या किसी चीज का पीछा करने का भाव। )
  • (in letterpress printing) a metal frame for holding the composed type and blocks being printed at one time. ( (लेटरप्रेस प्रिंटिंग में) एक प्रकार का धातु का ढांचा, जो एक समय में छपे जा रहे प्रकार और ब्लॉक को पकड़ता है। )
  • the part of a gun enclosing the bore. ( बोर को घेरने वाली बंदूक का हिस्सा। )
  • a groove or furrow cut in the face of a wall or other surface to receive a pipe. ( पाइप प्राप्त करने के लिए एक दीवार या अन्य सतह के चेहरे में एक नाली या फर काट दिया। )

chase Example

  • Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has indicated Malaysia might lodge a diplomatic protest over the boat chase . ( मलेशिया के प्रधान मंत्री महाथिर मोहम्मद ने संकेत दिया है कि मलेशिया नाव चेज़ पर एक राजनयिक विरोध दर्ज कर सकता है। )
  • But the fire of the chase was in me; and I resolved to hunt down the highwaymen, for only a quarter hour had passed since they had gone. ( लेकिन पीछा करने की आग मुझ में थी; और मैंने हाईवेमैन का शिकार करने का संकल्प लिया, क्योंकि उनके जाने के एक चौथाई घंटे ही बीते थे। )
  • Thrilling to the chase , I pounded down the uneven corridor until the beam of my light fell upon a wooden door at the end of the passage. ( पीछा करने के लिए रोमांचित, मैंने असमान गलियारे को नीचे गिरा दिया जब तक कि मेरी रोशनी का बीम मार्ग के अंत में लकड़ी के दरवाजे पर नहीं गिरा। )
  • My mother is just happy that I'm on television and not in a car chase . ( मेरी मां को बस इस बात की खुशी है कि मैं टेलीविजन पर हूं और कार का पीछा नहीं कर रहा हूं। )

More Sentence

  • A chase involves larger, rigid fences while a hurdle race is run over shorter, more flexible obstacles.
  • A chase ensued; eventually the terrorists abandoned their car and ambushed a bus, taking 9 prisoners.
  • Since powder pressure was greatest toward the breech, this part of the gun tube was thicker than the chase .
  • the company employs people to chase up debts
  • Earlier models often had a molding, or at least a sharp discontinuity, between the reinforce and chase .
  • Meanwhile, the ride he gave Kingscliff in a handicap chase at Ascot was voted the jumps ride of the year by his weighing room colleagues.
  • The spirits of the men was much lifted by the hunt, for they enjoyed the chase , and it was great sport for all of them.
  • Scarborough Council recently appointed its own team of bailiffs to chase non-payers amid growing concern about a hard core of residents who are flouting the law.
  • The Emperor, who was preparing for the chase , escaped being made a prisoner by hardly an hour.
  • The important thing is we do not chase jobs away from California.
  • A former driving instructor led police on a 17-minute chase at up to 120 mph in a powerful BMW sports car, a court heard.
  • It's a truly inventive one-man show, that combines physical theatre, comedy, original music and even a car chase .
  • The thrill of the sport lies in the chase and the hounds tracking the fox.
  • I suspect the chase is the part they enjoy, as some skill is required riding a horse over rough terrain.
  • It's a contest where players' reputations will either be enhanced or tarnished as two strong teams chase glory.
  • A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said six local youths, all under 18, were arrested following the chase .
  • she was an ardent follower of the chase
  • Thus followed a very hectic chase through the woods.
  • The thrill of the chase only compounded her problems.
  • I had always known that my husband wasn't one to chase women.
  • The types are set up in a metal chase , which is fitted with a handle and can be used as a stamp.
  • He ended last season by winning the Scottish Champion Hurdle, then injured himself in his first novice chase .
  • Three days later police launched a second full-scale search for a suspected disqualified driver, resulting in a car chase through Trowbridge town centre.
  • the council recently appointed its own team of bailiffs to chase non-payers
  • "I don't golf, I don't fish, I'm too old to chase women," he said.
  • American collectors may link acquiring art with social status, but there is also the real joy of the chase .