chalet - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chalet in Hindi

  • षाले
  • शैलेट्
  • स्विटज़रलैंड में पहाड़ी डैरी
  • स्विटज़रलैंड के किसान के लकड़ी के घर
  • सड़क का पेशाबघर या पाखाना

chalet Definition

  • a wooden house or cottage with overhanging eaves, typically found in the Swiss Alps. ( आमतौर पर स्विस आल्प्स में पाए जाने वाले लकड़ी के घर या कॉटेज, ओवरहैंगिंग ईव्स के साथ। )

chalet Example

  • Suddenly the wind hit, overtaking the chalet , shaking the wooden balcony out front, and swirling inside, filling the room. ( अचानक हवा का झोंका, शैलेट से आगे निकल गया, सामने की लकड़ी की बालकनी को हिलाता हुआ, और अंदर झूलता हुआ, कमरा भरता हुआ। )
  • Witness for the rugby club, Mr Brian Nolan, who lives in a wooden chalet adjacent to the clubhouse, said he had no problem with the noise levels. ( रग्बी क्लब के साक्षी, श्री ब्रायन नोलन, जो क्लब हाउस से सटे एक लकड़ी के शैले में रहते हैं, ने कहा कि उन्हें शोर के स्तर से कोई समस्या नहीं है। )
  • Geraldine rightly said most of the public rooms, combined with the furnishing, looked like a Swiss chalet . ( गेराल्डाइन ने ठीक कहा, अधिकांश सार्वजनिक कमरे, प्रस्तुत के साथ, एक स्विस शैलेट की तरह दिखते थे। )
  • Later on we converted the attic, and my father built a three-bedroom chalet , which became his den. ( बाद में हमने अटारी को बदल दिया, और मेरे पिता ने एक तीन-बेडरूम शैले का निर्माण किया, जो उनकी मांद बन गई। )

More Sentence

  • Lake District planners have ordered the removal of a holiday chalet which was built without planning permission near Ambleside.
  • The wooden interior of the chalet glows invitingly in the soft candlelight.
  • Then, end the day at a downtown hotel in one of our world-class cities or tucked away in a chateau, chalet , or a cosy seaside inn!
  • Outside, it looks like a Swiss chalet standing in five acres of its own grounds.
  • Mr Rogers was staying in a beach chalet when the water from the wave rushed in.
  • He lives in relative seclusion in his enormous Swiss chalet , protected by servants and a devoted wife.
  • Western provinces have wooden chalets with steep, pointed roofs, like those in Switzerland, whereas the eastern Danubian houses exhibit more of a Slavic influence, with simple design and stucco plastering.
  • I just have to look out of the window at the sun, snow, wooden chalets and mountains.
  • The wooden chalets reminded us of the houses in Himachali villages with the upper floors projecting beyond the ground-level ones.
  • Although the predominant style is the traditional log cabin, other styles range from Swiss chalets to upscale modern wooden condominiums.
  • Outside champagne bottles edged flower beds, and rabbits roamed round hutches which looked more like Swiss chalets .
  • We poked around in abandoned wooden chalets and our guide told us of the time when laundry was done only twice a year, and bread would be baked on an annual basis and eaten after being dipped in hot soup or water before being consumed!
  • Even more incongruous was coming across a town of steeply gabled Swiss chalets nestled in a sea of pine trees in the hills outside Fez.
  • But that requires blasting through the forest, barely noticing the isolated clusters of wooden chalets and deserted outbuildings used for summer grazing.
  • The timber chalets are sold with a seven-year guarantee covering workmanship and materials.
  • We're immediately delighted - it may have a flashy strip of gear shops and pizzerias, but there are also flower-decked Swiss chalets and a working cow barn in every side road, with authentic early-morning lowing.