carve - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of carve in Hindi

  • उत्कीर्ण
  • खोदना
  • काटना
  • तराशना
  • उत्कीर्ण करना
  • टांकना
  • नक़्क़ाशी करना
  • पत्थर पर खोद कर चित्र बनाना
  • काट कर चित्र बनाना

carve Definition

  • cut (a hard material) in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing object or design. ( कट (एक कठिन सामग्री) सौंदर्यशास्त्र मनभावन वस्तु या डिजाइन का उत्पादन करने के लिए। )
  • cut (cooked meat) into slices for eating. ( खाने के लिए स्लाइस में काट (पकाया हुआ मांस)। )
  • make (a turn) by tilting one's skis on to their edges and using one's weight to bend them so that they slide into an arc. ( अपने किनारों पर किसी की स्की को झुकाकर और मोड़कर उसे मोड़ने के लिए (मोड़) लें ताकि वे एक चाप में स्लाइड करें। )

carve Example

  • The artist uses clay loop tools, which are the same tools used to sculpt with clay, to carefully carve the design into the pumpkin. ( कलाकार क्ले लूप टूल्स का उपयोग करता है, जो मिट्टी के साथ मूर्तिकला करने के लिए उपयोग किए जाने वाले समान उपकरण हैं, डिजाइन को कद्दू में सावधानीपूर्वक करने के लिए। )
  • A descent is a source of amusement to my wife, the graceful one; she likes to watch me carve turns. ( एक वंशज मेरी पत्नी के लिए मनोरंजन का एक स्रोत है, जो सुंदर है; वह मुझे नक्काशीदार मोड़ देखना पसंद करती है। )
  • Most of them had long silky hair and cute ski outfits and could carve turns in the snow like razors. ( उनमें से ज्यादातर लंबे रेशमी बाल और प्यारे स्की आउटफिट थे और रेज़र की तरह बर्फ में बदल सकते थे। )
  • It is possible to see the width of the boarder's trail change as you carve turns, and snow sprays satisfyingly when you screech to a stop. ( बोर्डर ट्रेल की चौड़ाई को देखने के लिए संभव है जैसा कि आप बदल जाते हैं, और जब आप एक स्टॉप तक पहुंचते हैं तो संतोषजनक रूप से हिमपात होता है। )
  • Students are now ready to carve their designs into their linoleum blocks and make their test prints on paper. ( छात्र अब अपने डिजाइन को अपने लिनोलियम ब्लॉकों में तराशने और कागज पर अपने परीक्षण प्रिंट बनाने के लिए तैयार हैं। )

More Sentence

  • The chef's station will also carve roast beef or make fresh pasta to order, with loads of ingredients to customize your plate.
  • Bernard stood in the corner of the room watching Ronald carve the turkey he was supposed to have caught, killed, skinned, and cut himself.
  • Cliff wouldn't carve, so she was expected to wield the knife
  • Put the turkey on a warmed serving plate and leave it to stand before you carve it.
  • Students used sharpened dowel rods to carve designs in the pot and lid.
  • It wasn't just that no other country knew how to carve it or cook it properly - with plenty of lard - but that they mucked about with their food to hide its taste because it was of inferior quality.
  • Using a sharp knife, carve the fillet into wafer thin slices.
  • I've seen a man carve the excess wood off a figure's hipbone, while others wait patiently on an assembly line.
  • I carve some slices, heat up some tortillas, and pull out some plates.
  • I carve stone with every tool I can grasp, from hammers and chisels, pneumatic tools, diamond grinders and cutters, even diamond chain saws.
  • The drawings themselves will be used to produce the zinc templates from which workmen in the Minster stoneyard will work when they begin to carve the replacement stones.
  • To serve, carve meat and serve with sauce from pan, mash and green vegetables.
  • Artists now have the means to embellish gourds with paint, beads, charms and buttons, as well as proper tools to wood burn and carve designs into the plant.
  • But when you pick up a little speed and you lean over, you carve a big turn.
  • The aging man didn't seem to mind company while he carved the stone into the likenesses of his father and sister.
  • On all the chairs he makes he carves his initials into them to prove their authenticity.
  • Half-past one on the dot, after my dad had returned from the pub, the joint of meat would be ceremoniously carved .
  • So whether the knife was just for eating, or was a specific tool just for carving wood, it still had to be made well.
  • Sylvia, who was known for her beautifully hand carved walking sticks, offered to make him a handsome oak staff.
  • The person who answered the door was the artist, Yelton, who had even carved a talking stick for the Queen about 10 years ago.
  • In between working as a stockman, Possum had begun carving wood.
  • Back in Aix dinner was served at the restaurant Chez Maxime, where Maxime himself was very much in evidence as he carved the meat and talked with customers.
  • He carved a slice of baked ham for a wispy, black child with large hungry eyes.
  • The food fares well in terms of freshness, quantity and effort, and there's a made-to-order pasta bar and a station where roast beef is carved before your eyes.
  • The exhibition features a stunning array of sculpture, using welded metal, carved wood, ceramics and experimental media.