capsule - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of capsule in Hindi

  • कैप्सूल
  • झिल्ली
  • परदा
  • दवा का खोल
  • आवरण
  • वेष्टन
  • कैप्सयुल
  • खोल
  • संपुट
  • सम्पुटिका
  • कूपी

capsule Definition


  • a small case or container, especially a round or cylindrical one. ( एक छोटा सा मामला या कंटेनर, विशेष रूप से एक गोल या बेलनाकार। )
  • a tough sheath or membrane that encloses something in the body, such as a kidney, a lens, or a synovial joint. ( एक सख्त म्यान या झिल्ली जो शरीर में किसी चीज को घेर लेती है, जैसे कि किडनी, एक लेंस या एक श्लेष संयुक्त। )
  • the foil or plastic covering the cork of a wine bottle. ( पन्नी या प्लास्टिक एक शराब की बोतल के कॉर्क को कवर करता है। )
  • a dry fruit that releases its seeds by bursting open when ripe, such as a pea pod. ( एक सूखा फल जो पके होने पर खुल कर फटता है, जैसे कि मटर की फली। )
  • the spore-producing structure of mosses and liverworts, typically borne on a stalk. ( मोस और लिवरवॉर्ट्स के बीजाणु-निर्माण संरचना, आमतौर पर एक डंठल पर पैदा होती है। )
  • (of a piece of writing) shortened but retaining the essence of the original; condensed. ( (लेखन का एक टुकड़ा) मूल के सार को छोटा लेकिन बनाए रखना; सघन। )

capsule Example

  • These derivitized proteins do many of the same jobs which are performed by the cell wall and capsule in bacteria. ( ये व्युत्पन्न प्रोटीन कई समान कार्य करते हैं जो बैक्टीरिया में सेल की दीवार और कैप्सूल द्वारा किए जाते हैं। )
  • The capsule contains microfilms of the results of a questionnaire that Denes had conducted around the world in the course of her university appearances. ( कैप्सूल में प्रश्नावली के परिणामों के माइक्रोफिल्म शामिल हैं जो डेन्स ने अपने विश्वविद्यालय के प्रदर्शन के दौरान दुनिया भर में आयोजित किए थे। )
  • To help make your decision-making a little easier, here are 25 capsule reviews that separate the essential cine ma from the pretenders to the throne. ( अपने निर्णय लेने को थोड़ा आसान बनाने में मदद करने के लिए, यहां 25 कैप्सूल समीक्षाएं हैं जो आवश्यक सिनेमा को ढोंगियों से सिंहासन तक अलग करती हैं। )
  • Nor does she disappoint with her capsule review of La Broche, the Michelin two-star in Madrid. ( न ही वह मैड्रिड में मिशेलिन दो सितारा ला ब्रोच के अपने कैप्सूल की समीक्षा से निराश है। )

More Sentence

  • In its vegetative form, the bacillus has a protective capsule that keeps a human's immune system from killing it.
  • For good measure, he also includes capsule reviews of novels derived from comics and some intelligent books about comic art.
  • The remainder of the introduction provides capsule summaries of the essays, somewhat under-cutting the need to read the book.
  • To bring immediate protection to its owner the capsule also contains a fragment of red string from Rachels Tomb in Jerusalem.
  • That is, these mosses have peristome teeth which are formed by walls growing between the rows of cells making up the mouth of the spore capsule .
  • A developmental process termed dehiscence, in which the fruit ruptures in a predetermined fashion, effects the release of seeds from a dry capsule or other fruit form.
  • it is an alternative name for the capsule which covers the cork and neck of a wine bottle.
  • Primary retroperitoneal tumors may attach to the renal capsule or invade the kidney and, therefore, appear clinically as a primary renal tumor.
  • Most popular are restaurants offering capsule descriptions to help you make an informed choice.
  • The capsule containing surgeons' masks and gowns, syringes, gloves, hospital brochures and official reports was buried beneath a courtyard at the weekend.
  • With the camp now over, look for a recap and capsule summary of the players who were here.
  • The akee is to be eaten at the peak of ripeness, just after the capsule splits, an occurrence which is often followed by a race between man and bird to reach the succulent fruit first.
  • Between 1885 and 1900, capsule biographies of late, great Britons were published quarterly in alphabetical order.
  • The change for Tyrconnell creates a refined look achieved through the use of a rich gold foil paper label, and a cork and foil capsule closure.
  • The capsule is a strong container containing references and artefacts of today's living.
  • The capsule contains the details of a safety deposit box in a Swiss bank.
  • The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has posted the names of the victims of the latest mass murder in Israel, together with capsule biographies and photographs.
  • Someone asked for a capsule summary of Coraline.
  • You can find showtimes and capsule reviews in your friendly local City Paper.
  • Frozen tissue was ground to a fine powder using a dental amalgam mixer, employing a liquid N 2 chilled copper/plastic capsule containing three steel ball bearings.
  • Also popular confectionery, comprising a cheap chocolate egg lined with even cheaper white chocolate inside, and inside that a plastic capsule containing a Surprise.
  • For example, in mosses the sporophyte is a capsule atop a slender stalk that grows out of the top of the gametophyte.
  • He is also surprised by his sudden ability to speak numerous languages and the discovery of a capsule containing a Swiss account number on his person.
  • The prostate gland is enclosed in a prostatic capsule and surrounded by extraperitoneal connective tissue.
  • The otic capsule contains, in addition to the otic region of the brain itself, the labyrinth and inner ear.
  • Cysts may feel firm as the fluid may be tightly contained within the cyst capsule .