blister - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of blister in Hindi

  • छाला


  • छाला
  • फफोला

blister Definition


  • form swellings filled with air or fluid on the surface of something. ( किसी वस्तु की सतह पर वायु या द्रव से भरा हुआ प्रफुल्लित होना। )


  • a small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage. ( सीरम से भरी त्वचा पर एक छोटा बुलबुला और घर्षण, जलन या अन्य क्षति के कारण होता है। )
  • an annoying person. ( कष्टप्रद व्यक्ति। )

blister Example

  • Some chemicals make the area blister and cause the wart to fall off. ( कुछ रसायन इस क्षेत्र को फफोले बनाते हैं और मस्से झड़ जाते हैं। )
  • His smooth, glowing skin began to blister and crack. ( उसकी चिकनी, दमकती त्वचा दमकने लगी और फटने लगी। )
  • If your lipstick comes in contact with a fever blister or cold sore, throw it away. ( अगर आपकी लिपस्टिक बुखार के छाले या ठंडी खांसी के संपर्क में आती है, तो उसे फेंक दें। )
  • In rare instances the skin can blister and peel. ( दुर्लभ मामलों में त्वचा फफोले और छील सकती है। )
  • Let the blister and the surrounding wood dry thoroughly before adding glue. ( गोंद जोड़ने से पहले छाला और आसपास की लकड़ी को अच्छी तरह से सूखने दें। )
  • The pavement was hot and full of small stones, and his stocking feet began to blister . ( फुटपाथ गर्म और छोटे पत्थरों से भरा था, और उसके मोजा पैर फूटने लगे। )
  • A physician was called, who soon after his arrival applied a blister to the throat and let another pint of blood. ( एक चिकित्सक को बुलाया गया था, जिसने अपने आगमन के तुरंत बाद एक छाला गले पर लगाया और एक और पिंट रक्त देने दिया। )
  • Use thicker-fleshed chiles, such as poblanos, and allow their skin to blacken and blister without burning through the flesh. ( पोबलानोस जैसे मोटे-मोटे मांस के बवासीर का उपयोग करें, और मांस के माध्यम से जलने के बिना उनकी त्वचा को काला और लाल करने दें। )

More Sentence

  • This surface film can blister or peel if the wood is wetted or if inside water vapor moves through the house wall and wood siding because of the absence of a vapor barrier.
  • This causes the skin to blister on contact, which can result in infection, sepsis, and death.
  • the surface of the door began to blister
  • They will puff up and the skin will blister slightly.
  • Pretty soon, red and orange flames leaped around her with heat enough to warm and then blister her skin, despite the light fall of rain that started after the fire was lit.
  • I could feel the skin there beginning to blister .
  • Spending too much time in the sun, or not using adequate protection can blister your skin and make it peel.
  • Today I have applied a blister to my stomach, or rather on my left side.
  • My feet were beginning to blister , and my joints ached, but finally, tired and weary, I reached the final step.
  • the child is a disgusting little blister
  • If you breathe it, it will blister your mouth and throat until you suffocate.
  • There may also be redness around the blister , and the skin may feel hot and painful.
  • Most severe forms may cause the skin to blister and peel over the entire body surface.
  • Mark the blister with spray paint and monitor it as part of the roofs routine maintenance.
  • ‘It has got progressively worse and now when I cry my face burns and begins to blister ,’ she said.
  • They will collapse and soften, and their skin will blacken and blister .
  • However, many of those who complain about vivisection in the make-up industry would be the first to sue a cosmetic firm if their animal-testing-free mascara blistered their skin.
  • Inspect the hull for blisters , distortion, and stress cracks.
  • His parents first began to notice something was wrong when he was six months old after he badly blistered his fingers on a hot potato chip.
  • It may look very bright red with red bumps and blisters .
  • It is not uncommon for athletes to suffer such ailments as stress fractures, runner's knee, bunions and blisters .
  • Herpes sores usually look like blisters or cold sores.