backstage - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of backstage in Hindi

  • नेपथ्य
  • नेपथ्यशाला
  • नेपथ्य में
  • प्रच्छन्न
  • गुप्त
  • गुप्त रूप से
  • छिपकर

backstage Definition


  • of, relating to, or situated in the area behind the stage in a theater. ( रंगमंच में मंच के पीछे के क्षेत्र से संबंधित या उससे संबंधित। )


  • in or to the backstage area in a theater. ( या थिएटर में बैकस्टेज क्षेत्र में। )


  • the area in a theater out of view of the audience, especially in the wings or dressing rooms. ( दर्शकों के देखने के लिए थिएटर में क्षेत्र, विशेष रूप से पंखों या ड्रेसिंग रूम में। )

backstage Example

  • The Theatre Royal will be offering tea and backstage tours during the week - and concessions for International Older People's Day, on October 1. ( थिएटर रॉयल सप्ताह के दौरान चाय और मंच के दौरे की पेशकश करेगा - और 1 अक्टूबर को अंतर्राष्ट्रीय वृद्धजन दिवस के लिए रियायतें। )
  • We used a photograph of him taken backstage at the Winter Garden theater to calibrate our time extractor. ( हमने अपने टाइम एक्सट्रैक्टर को कैलिब्रेट करने के लिए विंटर गार्डन थिएटर में उनके बैकस्टेज की एक तस्वीर का इस्तेमाल किया। )
  • I hung my head as I entered the backstage dressing room with the guys and got ready to go meet the fans. ( मैंने अपना सिर लटका दिया क्योंकि मैं लड़कों के साथ बैकस्टेज ड्रेसिंग रूम में घुस गया और प्रशंसकों से मिलने के लिए तैयार हो गया। )
  • I first saw Philip from the wings backstage , he was directing a rehearsal, making some point with the actors. ( मैंने पहली बार फिलिप को पंखों के पीछे से देखा, वह एक पूर्वाभ्यास का निर्देशन कर रहा था, जिसमें अभिनेताओं के साथ कुछ बात की गई थी। )
  • a backstage tour of the opera house ( ओपेरा हाउस का बैकस्टेज टूर )

More Sentence

  • Hailey walked over to Theo and Penny, who had tucked themselves into the right wing backstage area.
  • Bar, foyer and backstage are all much improved but the red-plush auditorium retains its intimate charm.
  • She patted me on the back in encouragement, and I ran off to the backstage wings.
  • I should be on the front lines, not making deals backstage .
  • I had to maneuver my way backstage , through the dressing room, and out the door without making noise and or killing myself.
  • Now once they make their choices, they could call the bands forward from the wings of backstage .
  • Although there was a space set up as a stage at the front of the audience, complete with a backdrop and a backstage area, it was just as normal for a character to enter from the back of the audience rather than from behind the backdrop.
  • we planned our strategies backstage
  • I could have wished there had been more of the legendary theatrical backstage stories.
  • Janet found the stage door and wandered backstage .
  • They ran into Marcus, who'd disappeared as soon as he came off stage, in the fenced in area by the backstage door.
  • Directly to the north of Gehry's pavilion, with which it shares a backstage , is the Harris Theater of Music and Dance.
  • Operationally, the obvious place to build the extension would have been at the north end of the site, where the existing stage and backstage areas are located.
  • But beyond the public turmoil lies a private, backstage world of unrequited love, secret affairs and insecurity.
  • John shouted running through the backstage dressing room.
  • For my part, I left the scene as intended, only to find myself not backstage but in another theatre and invited to keep performing.
  • It's worth enquiring about backstage tours of both the Royal Shakespeare and Swan theatres.
  • I was quite artistic and I studied an arts foundation course at Bradford College and later worked at the Alhambra Theatre backstage , in the box office and on the stage door.
  • Taped to the one just above my head was an arrow drawn on a sheet of notebook paper, pointing over my head to the backstage on stage right.
  • The idea is to expand the hall's stage area and backstage as well as building a new entrance hall.
  • Anyone with an interest in the world of drama, whether on stage or backstage , is encouraged to come along to the meeting and get involved in the activities of the group.
  • I went backstage after the show
  • She was given a backstage tour, had her picture taken on stage, received signed merchandise from the band and had her seats upgraded to a suite at the side of the stage.
  • There's a reason why some theaters have a green-painted lounge backstage .
  • backstage crew