airlock - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of airlock in Hindi

  • हवा बंद

airlock Definition

  • a blockage of the flow in a pump or pipe, caused by an air bubble. ( एक पंप या पाइप में प्रवाह का एक रुकावट, एक हवाई बुलबुले के कारण होता है। )
  • a compartment with controlled pressure and parallel sets of doors, to permit movement between areas at different pressures. ( विभिन्न दबावों वाले क्षेत्रों के बीच आवाजाही की अनुमति के लिए नियंत्रित दबाव और दरवाजों के समानांतर सेट के साथ एक कम्पार्टमेंट। )

airlock Example

  • The outer door of the airlock slid to one side when the air pressure in the airlock exactly matched that outside it, of course. ( एयरलॉक का बाहरी दरवाजा एक तरफ झुक जाता है जब एयरलॉक में हवा का दबाव बिल्कुल बाहर से मेल खाता है, निश्चित रूप से। )
  • The ramp began to slide back inside the side of the ship and the airlock door automatically swung shut. ( जहाज के किनारे से रैंप वापस अंदर की ओर खिसकने लगा और एयरलॉक का दरवाजा अपने आप बंद हो गया। )
  • He arrived at the briefing room, and the larger airlock doors, not pressurized at the moment, whooshed open. ( वह ब्रीफिंग रूम में पहुंचे, और बड़े एयरलॉक दरवाजे, इस समय दबाव नहीं था, जो खुला था। )
  • The snow blew in after us through the first set of doors in the airlock . ( एयरलॉक में दरवाजों के पहले सेट के माध्यम से हमारे बाद बर्फ उड़ गई। )

More Sentence

  • A petty officer released the airlock door's locking mechanism and pulled it open.
  • For their part, Russian engineers believe a small air leak from their airlock hatch could be cause.
  • If an airlock occurs, simply turn the pump on/off repeatedly until airlock clears.
  • The job will set the stage to restore use of the airlock as a base for spacewalks using U.S. spacesuits.
  • Their work started about an hour behind schedule because of trouble with an airlock .
  • The crew activated it before leaving the airlock and stowed it on the outside of the docking compartment.
  • The airlock near the door hissed open as the transport completed its docking procedure.
  • Patch says he and Paxton can do most of the repairs inside the ship themselves, but until the airlock and bay door is replaced, we won't be launching anytime soon.
  • The door to the chamber slowly opened, just as the airlock door began to do the same.
  • The shelters work by inflating quickly and have an airlock and pressure system which keeps out contamination.
  • Stepping into the airlock , he opened the door to the outside.
  • Had this problem myself, what has happened is that you have an airlock in the hose from the tank to the burner so the oil is not getting to the burner.
  • During that flight, Leonov performed the first space walk, leaving the spacecraft through an inflatable airlock for several minutes.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis will launch July 12 to carry a new airlock to the International Space Station.
  • In high-traffic areas, airlocks or vestibules are worth considering.
  • These protocols may include sealed work areas, negative pressure, airlocks , powered air purifying respirators, and protective clothing.
  • He then slowly filled the rest of the system taking care to avoid creating airlocks .
  • Also it is usually necessary to have airlocks and space suits for astronaut egresses.
  • The windows are triple-glazed, and the doors are freezer-grade, with airlocks .
  • Dual Russian and U.S. airlocks are functional and support spacewalks.
  • It is a pipe that runs from the toilet drain to the outside, usually to the roof. This prevents air lock in the drain line.